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>hellos~ i havent blogged for some time le. hehe./ hmms… im almost done packing my luggage le. AND I BOUGHT A NEW BAG FOR TAIWAN TRIP JUST YESTERDAY! WOOTS! shuhui and me went to bugis to shop and act aunty. aha. and now I JUST CAN’T WAIT TO GO TAIWAN. LOLS. had alot of fun with shuhui yesterday la. met with her at about 11 and haha, quite funny, we were facing our backs together and didn’t even know that until we turned around. laughed like mad le. wells, great thing to start the trip though. time in the MRT was spent by shuhui talking about her it fiesta. and from all the stories and freebies and fun that she’d talked about, i had really wanted to go too! but too bad, it’s over. haha.

bought her to eat lunch at roma’s deli, where i can finally drink kmy beloved mushroom soup AGAIN. whahahas. and it’s still as delicious as ever./ and even shuhui fell in love with it. she was so thrilled that no gst or whatsoever was included in the bill and said she would come again. hehe^^ we felt nausea stirght after we ate lor. LOL. just like how aunt and me felt after eating too. cos as you see, the mushroom soup is already CREAMY, and we ordered another CREAMY CHEESE MUSHROOM SPAGHETTI./ so yea, u guessed it. but felt alright after walking la. haha.

went to a few shops on our way to bugis street. we visited a pet store and saw SO MANY CUTE HAMSTERS!!! and they are just for like, $18? $10? the most expensive one i saw came from holland. shuhui said it was a black butt. haha. but actually the whole hamster is black la durh. it costs about $68. and they were all so cute and small and 5 month old! haha. there was one cage with 6 to 7 baby hamsters cuddling(or should i say squeezing?) together in their wheel sleeping. and it was SO CUTE! the i spotted one of them awaking and jumping out and scurrying around. so active and CUTE!!! i would like to take that one if i was to buy it. haha shuhui really got quite serious about buying it and such. and this cute little bloke just aplyfully jumped up into the wheel again and woke almost everyone up from their sleep. but it was not long before everyone shifted in place again and back into their lalaland. oh ya! there was one who was shivering so abrubtly while sleeping too! shuhui said it was having a bad dream or something. and this poor one evn fell out of the wheel when that naughty one i mentioned previously went to disturb them. i’m in to getting 2 of them. haha. should be better to take care compared to a dog i think? haha. too much responsibility; something that i do not really liked. too much responsibility. haha. it’s scary.

then we went to bugis street. went to that familiar zinc store where mel shuhui lingmei and me had bought bernice’s and shuhui’s birthday last year. and wow, time flies la. and yea, so me and shuhui was back to their shop to browse through their bags again. one bag had somewhat caught my eye la. but. hmms. i didn’t buy it. and i wonder if i will regret it. so we went around shopping again looking for better looking bags and such. until one ink bag caught my wye. really nice. white and brown. quality quite ok ba i think. but i still scared they will give way some day. haha. but it was very nice; so nice until shuhui also decided to have that bag instead of a handbag she firstly decided to spend her money on. we continued to shop before buying the bag though, deciding we open up our choices. went up to the 2nd floor. heh. first time i went up, and it was somewhat also like a shopping centre. but, hmms. ulu-er than shopping centres like causeway point la… we bought those caption shirts; $16 for 2. quite nice ba. and now i know where to get those spongebob shirts i’ve been looking for last time. some shops in bugis sold them lor. there was one which was really cute, but i didn’t buy it as it was too big. deciding that there was no batter bags we saw than the previous ink bag, we decided to go for it. haha, you should see how the aunty reacted when she saw us. LOLS. her face was like immediately light up or something. haha. we bought the bag and went to OG that area to shop. before that we went to that so uncrowded sim lim square for dont know what. haha. we were looking at bras, shirts and CHILDREN’S DEPARTMENT! woots! we were like so childish and all that those kindergarten kids were starring at us like we were clowns or something. but overall it was quite fun la.

went to macdonald’s to have a rest then we talked again lor. oh and we laughed. haha insider story! then we saw this boy who was helping us clear the unwanted trays and all. haha. shuhui first thought he was just a helpful boy or something; but he turned out to be one of the staff in mac!!! i was like uber shocked la. he was like, just a small boy? oh my god. then we went to this fashion and saw nothing we like. then went to kinokuniya where i browsed through books again. and there was really alot of books i would like to read in their shelves la. sighs. if only our libraries were like those… then went around shopping at stores lor. went back to CWP to accompany shuhui buy her things. then reached home at around 8. bathed at 9.



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June 10, 2008 at 8:22 PM

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