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>had a girls’ day out on saturday with mom. haha it was quite fun ba. we went to watch indiana jones at lot1 and ended up getting lost amidst the crowd there. it took us quite a long time to figure out the hawker was actually at level4, directly below the cinema, and not all the way to the squeezy basement where we just walked up and down, wishing for the hawker to appear out of nowhere. i hate going to places i’m not familiar of; and being treated like i know everything like i was a shopping queen. aha. although i’d love to be one, and hmms. if only i can afford to be one?but, we still had alot of fun la. persuaded my mother to go back to Causeway Point to shop there instead; somewhere i am more familiar to, yeah? hehe. yeps, and we just went shopping, and as we passed by the shops i’d be there yacking about the times i spent there with my friends and blah, and showing all the little things we went silly about and all~ yea. and it’s quite sweet, having to share all these with your mother and all(although i feel quite weird now, typing like this, but, ya.) ohh ya, we still visited YJ at yoshi. my sister even commented about how straight her back is. aha.

Sunday was also spent with mother and father lor. without my sister. hmms. times like that without her can be really nice, honestly. mother had a really good temper around and we really enjoyed ourselves. but then again. hmms. ok nvm. we went to eat and went to buy veggies and all around civic plaza that area. then went to sun plaza, where my mother borrowed more books. and i also borrowed books. that library at sembawang has really hell loads of interesting books there. (so unlike the HUGE library we have) yea, so i got a really easy time choosing my books. and even ended up with 4 books before i even completed browsing through all the shelves. and now i’m done with one book, starting on the 100th page already!!! woots! and i’m still going STRONG. MUAHAHA.

stayed at grandma’s place on Sunday night and really slacked for quite a while at ahma’s place. but managed to complete the emath ace-learning questions. then slacked all the way lor ZZZ and yes, as usual grandma whipped a few of my favourite veggies and all~ yea so it’s quite nice there.

and. ok. tueday and wednesday are spent, well, reading, mathing, yacking~~ talked on the phone with yohannis last night and we were all WOO!!! so funny!! and now on the phone with cedric. -_- life’s quite boring la. but the books i’m reading currently keeps me going on:) so yea, that’s all i think.


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June 4, 2008 at 7:03 PM

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