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>i know it’s late, and i know i have to wake up early in the morning tomorrow for my supplementary lessons and all. I KNOW THAT! SHEESH! LOLS hmms. i don’t know whether this should be a good day or not. hmms a MEANINGFUL day or not. wells. was planning on doing quite abit of HW and stuffs on tuesday night. but, i guess not everything on the list was done… English was driving me mad, and i had given up on it, POA was alright, i’ll just have to get some useful tips and blah from aunt and i’ll be on the track again. math was hellish. as it ever was. my answers just couldn’t par up with the answers given on the book. (something MUST be wrong with the book huh?) wells, didn’t do much for amath. I DON’T HAVE ANY GRAPH PAPER!!! Aand worse still MY SISTER DIDN’T EVEN KNOW WHAT’S A GRAPH PAPER!!! lols. so yea.

ok so now it’s friday night. i type the last para on wed night u see, amd i’ve already forgotten by now what i was planning to type earlier on. hehe! ok so by now some channels that we didn’t purchase were being cut off my starhub. all my MTVs and stuffs u know. sighs, kind of sad… especially when i can’t watch my AVRIL LAVIGNE LIVE NEXT TUESDAY!!! ARGH. hmms. so i had physics lesson on thurday. yeps. kinda fun, cos we’re doing some practicals… haha I LOVE PRACTICAL! then we went for choir after that lor. ya la, it’s just the same. nothing more, nothing less. just didn’t enjoyed my day as much as i hoped i would. had this crappy meeting that lasted for dunno how long, but long enough to make me hungry like hell. went to mac with mandy and crapped la. after that went looking for some CDs and all.

more practicals for today’s physics class. MORE FUN! but quite tiring la… zzz… yea, but i somewhat learnt that the triangle must be BIG. argh. decided to go k this noon. was very very surprised my mother actually let me go ktv karaoke!!! lols everybody went except for YJ and mel. sadded. but also had quite alot of fun la. but wahh, really very annoying. waited for bernice and YJ’s reply until we, especially me and shuhui about to explode in anger le lor… haha luckily there’s PSP to sooth our nerves. haha! sang alot alot alot, and everyone went off pitch…, hehe! yea so that’s it.


Written by GekTeng

May 28, 2008 at 11:37 PM

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