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>internet at home is FINALLY back!!!

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>yeah!!! my internet at home is finally on the way again. wells, i’m quite happy about the performance this time round… but if only we’ve got a new computer to give that speed a better boost… wells, humans are always very greedy, aren’t they? including me la, of course. -___- hmms. didn’t go choir today. wasn’t feeling so good to go. having headache and all… haha. making me start to wonder maybe i have SARS. (choy!!!) haha. and yes, i’m beter now. the starhub guy stayed to 2am yesterday to make our connections and all. he even helped me with the internet settings for my PSP! so now i can even go surfing with my PSP. MUAHAHA. life’s good already.

speakers were not really working well at first. haha. it was kind of wierd. sounds from msn can be heard, but when i went to youtube to hear archuleta sing, there’s like NOTHING! and i just restarted the whole damn computer and it’s back again. hmms. weird. but through this effing thing, i realised that this computer had already been with me for like, 7 years?! haha but i can’t go like, eh dad, so old le, buy another computer la, or something ( but i’ll just wish he’ll be proactive and surprise me a lil’?) hehe^^ and i believe i will not have the luxury to hang around my computer much when school starts ba. moreover i can just use my PSP to surf for a lil’ bit, finding out what’s new for HSM and zanessa? and even try posting using the internet in PSP? haha after i get used to the typing ba. so, yea, i think i’ll stay with this computer and my humble PSP for the rest of the 1+ years ba. haha. i have never ever regretted buying a PSP. NEVER. and maybe just after the o levels i will earn some money to get myself a laptop or something. so no hurry ba. i’m so yeaa, i guess. i’m living life the fullest, with everything i have; no more and no less. and in conclusion. hmms. i’m a happy soul!


Written by GekTeng

May 27, 2008 at 4:51 PM

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