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>woots!!! LOLS 1st day of the holidays and i finally remembered what i was supposed to blog yesterday! except now i’m feeling abit of headache, and yea. zzz/ still have to rush for the COE research thingy after this. MUAHAHA.

ok. so shuhui din come to school on tuesday, and this time she made a point to wake up and specially tell us she was feeling sick and couldn’t come. THANKS SHUHUI! so isabel moved to her seat and we spent the day doing, err. filing. yes. filing. from CD file in CD period, up to POA, mdm nora spent the math lesson ‘reporting’ to us the mean score and MSG for class 3/6, and u know it, WE TOPPED THE LEVEL FOR BOTH A AND E MATH, and even got lollipop, which i eventually gave it to my sister.. thank you thank you~~~ then a mock paper to complete during mother tongue. IT SUCKED. WE DID 2 PAPERS THIS WK x( had to complete a whole lot of junks like tys and all the corrections and blah for all the subjects. i have no problems with math, having my file checked like 1 or 2 wks before even the strt of exams. XD so that’s 2 down and alots more to go. ARGH. took quite a long time to do up the physics file, and even had to take home to complete some corrections. we were also told to do the whole of sectionB, which INCLUDED THE LONG ANSWER QUESTIONS, WHICH I DIDN’T DO, AND SO DID EVERYONE ELSE I BELIEVE, I WENT HOME TO CHIONG EVERYTHING OUT, AND GUESS WHAT. LOH SAID JUST NEED TO DO QUESTIONS WITH SPACE GIVEN TO 3/5. argh. NOT FAIR. BUT I DONT CARE. just feel pissed. at that very moment. when i completed everything, and sacrificed my teevee just for this load of crap. i took back my chem tys to complete and handed up the work the next day. miss wong nv even scold or anything lor. zzz. so in all, for chiong-ing all the tys and files for both sciences, i spent about 4 to 5 hours. COOL HUH? i even missed my 9pm show. ARGH. and yea, helped to take shuhui’s physics tys for her to do, and halfway she dun wan le. sadded. lols. then when bernice reached she was determined to get shuhui out to collect her book. and i was so guilty when i saw her pale face coming. she din even like talk to us like before. i guessed she was ill then. SORRY!!!

wednesday. hmms. filing for chem was completed, and everything was handed up nicely, and DONE. LOLS those preparing of files and all made me so tired and blah. mdm nora didn’t come and gave us tys works to do. and it was hell, SO DIFFICULT. haha. but i managed to only leave out 2 unsolved questions out of the whole chunk of questions. ZZ. had choir, but reported at about 3+ as we had this NE quiz to do. argh. I SHOULD HAVE EARNED MONEY 1ST BEFORE BUILDING UP MY FACILITIES AND ALL. shuhui earned ALOT. haha. the animations were quite interesting too. oh and it was somewhat like a game, not a quiz, where money, or points will be given for every correct answers, then we can have this sum of money to build up places and all to develop singapore and blah. quite fun, but we only had 30minutes of play time. then i had no time to go to the next era. ARGH. choir was quite alright. learnt remember, and wow, quite nice song, but all the melody lines were all given to the sops. hais. i oso wan be sop. ><

thurday. hmms. i still remember chionging all the corrections for chemistry MYE de paper and all/ just chiong’ed all the way lor. then we heard miss wong will be leaving and joining SIA. haha. air stewardess? hmms… must remember to give her a time of her life if i met her on the way to TW. MUAHAHA. when students are not always correct, customers MUST BE, RIGHT?? LOLS. mr wong even complimented us about our math results. MUAHAHA. beating the POA results. yes, and like he had said, poa MSG will always be the best or something, but in this case, look like math topped it all! HAHA. can u believe it, 1.04 for emath!!! i forgot amath de liao, but was low enough to top the rest of the level la. haha. SO PROUD OF 3/6!!! LOVES!!! <3! then on the same day, 'never to be complacent' was the wise quote of the day given from not 1, but 2 of our teachers. mdm nora and mr wong said that. and NOTE TAKEN! haha.

friday was meet the parents, got quite good compliments and all, as i said in the previous post, so i dont think i will talk about that le. on the way home i asked if i can go bugis buy bag. and argh. my mother and i had such a long talk and all, that the bugis thing was far far away from her head. but i hope things will get better i guess. HOPEFULLY.

saturday was spent with. hmms. piano and piano… yea. same every saturdays/ and what’s different this time was, MOM COOKED HOKKIEN MEE FOR US!!! WOOTS!!! i just made a random comment for mom to cook hokkien mee the previousday, and woots! by saturday she got the things ready and was asking how to cook! LOLS IT’S REALLY NICE. REALLY REALLY NICE. THANKS MOM!!! (although i don’t think she will see it, but yea. THANKS! )

sunday went to this youth class early in the morning. ivan kor was also there. haha. he like gong gong liddat very very funny lor. WHAHAHAS. then we just did some math, and drank some soya bean and ate some biscuits and yea. and after that, OH MY GOD. I’M SO EXCITED. MY DADDY WENT TO SIGN UP FOR A NEW STARHUB PLAN AND SOME PEOPLE WILL BE COMING OVER TO INSTALL THE THINGS!!! WOOTS!!! THEN WHAT’S MORE IS THERE’S STILL THIS CABLE TV FREE OR STH, FOR 4 MONTHS!!! WOOTS!!! DISCOVERY CHANNEL FOR ME!!! YIPPEEEEEEEEEEE SO EXCITED!!! SO THIS TIME I WONT HAVE TO LIKE, ONLY POST ONCE A WK OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT LE. I CAN POST ANYTIME I WANT!!! WOOTS!!! AND MORE TV TO WATCH!!! I CAN SPEND LATE NIGHTS WATCHING TV!!! WOOTS@!!! SO EXCITED!!! luckily it’s the holiday period. if it’s school days, i doubt the ecitement will be as much. haha. and yea, i’m also looking for a HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL PSP GAME. is there any of this sort? if there is, I WANT IT!!! HAHAHA!!!


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May 27, 2008 at 2:40 AM

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