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>hello! i’m loving life as it is. MUAHAHA./ everyday’s been too great to be true. >.< hmms. friday was ok, except that i bought my physics TYS for NOTHING. argh. took back our papers and results on friday. hope i didn't miscalculate my marks! hehe! i guess the results are still accpetable ba. hmms. but abit unbalanced i think. i think our class did a SUPER good job in math. MUAHAHA!!!

my whole saturday was crammed up with alot of, hmms, music. was out of home since like, 2plus, til 6plus. had to wait for practical after my theory lesson. haha. and i’m proud to say that my dearest PSP had really came into good use. guitar was quite fun. haha. played all my avril lavigne stuffs and got some really good tips on how to play a purrr-fect Bminor for my happy ending. lols still abit jerky with that song… >.<

well, my sunday started quite early this morning. blame that sister of mine; jamming up the guitar so early in the morning. -_- and i also made it for the market with ahma and this time, ahyi. drove there. hmms. quite a wastage of petrol, but thinking again,. it was fairly an advantage for ahma and ah gong ba. jammed the guitar on my happy ending and blah. hehe^^ the house was fairly noisy with me around. muahaha! xoxo


Written by GekTeng

May 18, 2008 at 1:18 PM

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