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>typical day at ah ma’s

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>hmms. i’ve been wondering. hmms. is it really very difficult to keep in contact with those ever dearest friends in life when you yourself is too busy with even your own? hmms. this sounds kinda complicated. but, yea. didn’t get to talk to yohannis after i onlined as she’s going to watch her korean drama that those peeps in ahma’s are also swoodling(sp?) over. hmms. i don’t know. but it’s been such a long time we had decent talks and chats, or even smses? hmms. can’t blame her. she’s got her olevels to do too. i didn’t even dare say i really have got the time to really talk or something. everyone’s been so busy with their own lives to think of the wonderful memories with your dear old pals that… hmms. your on a verge of losing touch? hmms. i hope not. psst. i don’t really get what i’m saying. >.<

well, my day started quite early. in the case whereby there’s no school of course. followed my ahma to the market early in the morning when she had just came to tell me she’s going to be out. haha. seems i’m starting to somewhat cherish the times with my grandparents ba. had 2 hashbrowns too. this reminded me of the times in nursery(i think) where my ahma will always come fetching me with treats like donuts or hashbrowns along with her. those hmms. wonderful carefree times….

today’s e-learning was quite fast… just went through a few slides and i’m off printing my worksheets. sighs. i don’t really feel good of this e-learning thing. don’t really like it. zzz. hopefully there won’t be any serious pandemic flu around in singapore lor…

i’ve also been trying to finish the book i’ve borrowed from the library which i planned to finish it during this short break. wells, in a blink of an eye, it has passed so ever silently and blah, i think i’m starting to miss school… miss my friends, miss the classroom? maybe. really had lots of fun with peckyong isabel and the rest in 3/6. yea, missing my school life loads. but just lesson on the homeworks and stress yea? lols. hope my mother will finally let me go bugis with shuhui tomorrow…

k that’s all i think. xoxo


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May 15, 2008 at 7:07 PM

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