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>E LEARNING. -_____-

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>hellos. Sunday was fun larrr/ LOLS we made sushi and the veggie pancakes. we went to YL’s house on monday. so fun!!! i even brought my guitar along. AND I MANAGED TO GRASP THE HOLY ART OF BAR CHORDS!!! woots!!! LOLS i think only for this particular already seasoned guitar ba… but nevertheless, i still managed to play my happy ending. LOLS! we played mahjong too. i won the 1st game, and even got a zi-mo hu. hehe^^ her mother, as usual ordered the nice nice pizzas from her friend for us. SO NICE!!! and this time we’re all going for the vegetarian one. they said it was better, so, yea. the rest played wii for a while while i was still figuring out the chords and all… hehe. can say they had alot of fun. the cooking game seemed very interesting though, but i was afraid the aftermath of wii… the hand ache. and probably muscles? hmms i dont know, but i haven’t heard of any muscle aches from any of them. so i guess it’s alright then (: played pictionary too. had load of fun. but charades was even better la… bernice was uber funny doing the cuckoo clock thing for YL. made shuhui and me almost roll on the floor laughing. and not only that, bernice still did porcupine, and rhino and some other weird and funny animals. hehe. really had a damn good time there.

tuesday was not too bad either. shawn and the rest came over to my place for the singing thing. sang quite a number of songs and all. also had alot of fun ba. went to pizza hut for lunch and god, i think i’m going bankrupt soon on the money i’ve saved. zzz i just hope there will be enough for the bagpack. i don’t even know whether mom will let my buy anot. -____- but i’m buying! no matter what! for my taiwan! woots! time seemed to crawl real fast. hehe. MYE is over and i believe, in a blink of an eye, so will EOY, and IT’S TIME FOR MY HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3!!! it’s going to hit the theatres this time and i just CAN’T WAIT. i guess i’ll post the recent promo pic to get high myself. hehe^^ went to each a cup and hell, i can’t believe it’s happening to me. argh. that stupid salegirl or sth forget to give me my precious $1 change and i had to go back and ask for it. zzz. she still looked at me so ever quizically like i wanted to cheat or something. AND THEY STILL DIDN’T CHOP MY CARD! nor did they/ she give me a new card or something. argh. there goes my free cup. services these days are not really up tio standards, i must say. it also took a long time at pizza hut for them to give us the bills and even our criss cross fries. and yet they still want us to pay SO MUCH for all the taxes and all. seriously think they dont deserve it lor. argh. spoiled my day. -___- went to ahma’s straight after that.\

today’s elearning was hellish. math took me a lifetime. LOLS i’m still not quite sure of the concepts and all ba. but i still got FULL MARKS for the assignment!!! woots! realised there are really quite an amount of formulaes to memorize for mensuration. argh. i hope the papers will list them ALL down in EOY. audied for a little while after that, and yea. that’s all i guess. and now… for the HSM3 poster!!! WOOTS!!!


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May 14, 2008 at 3:55 PM

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