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>hellos. LOLS not much time left after changing on a fresh look on my blog. people must be thinking i’m crazy; exams are tomorrow and i’m still waddling here doodling my blog?! heh. i don’t know why too. but, yeah, i’ll take some time to study, so dont worry ya? but i dont think i can make it. tomorrow’s SS and MATH. argh. i’d better study/

just post random updates i think, since there’s not much time left to yack./ and yes, i’m not in the new council EXCO. and yes, i’m quite relieved. ALL THE WAY ISABEL! bernice shuhui and me have been taking time off our friday afternoons to sit together and talk about lives. so, yeah. i realised i’ve learnt quite alot about them too. so dont just take time for your exams and your future and the big things. get seated down with some of your friends and just talk about random stuffs. lols it’s quite fun actually. yea, so we’ve been visiting the library very often these days, with no CCAs and all. going there to study and blah. i had somewhat made use of my time there i think. so yea, that’s about it/ i’ll update more often after MYE i think.


Written by GekTeng

May 4, 2008 at 1:19 PM

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