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>hellos. i’ve decided to consistently update my blog for like… once i week or something. provided i can squeeze the time out. i’ve decided to like, err. post this avril lavigne live performance at LA or something. lols. i’ve been liking this performance for about 3weeks now… hehe! her vocals are really superb la….

hmms. monday was pft. i think i screwed up. argh. but i dont care le/ was feeling unwell on tuesday and went back home early skipping the Speech Day rehearsal. heard choir screwed itsumo up without the piano. but. yea WHATEVER. in the end they we still sang without the piano. AND IT’S NOT MY FAULT. NOR WAS IT TC’S. i just feel quite pissed and. argh. i dont know. slacked all the way on tuesday. hehe. was sitting with Mani the whole way throughout this week and i actually found out he was quite a fun guy! haha!! gonna miss sitting with him… but lols h’ll be just in front of me. hehe! hope life will be as fun in my new row when the obs peeps like isabel and joel joins in. I MISS BERNICE! LOLS shuhui and me had finally got the taste of life without our dear bernice…

adhoc things were also passed on to me as in-charge while mel was in obs. LOLS quite not bad ba i can say… research was quite fun. and team spirit really helps people do things faster. thank you shuhui and jerica for accompanying me to so many stores!!!

yes, it was friday when they thought they should exclude the piano for itsumo. the bloody piece i’ve sacrificed my time to practice and all it turns out was NOTHING. and they made me seem like i didn’t practice enough or what shit. i thought i was doing quite well already, with some hiccups here and there, but i thought i was doing fine lor… considering this was the 1st accompaniment i did. it was all because of the position of the piano la. argh. but nevertheless i still loved the song although it’s quite a pity i practiced so hard FOR NOTHING. haha.


Written by GekTeng

April 12, 2008 at 11:12 PM

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