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>heh. updated.

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>hellos… everyone’s pestering me to update. wells. not everyone. yea. but. ya i’m updating. last week’s camp/ LOVE IT. we were high on the second we went to msia. lol. cheering like siao, so noisy that the rest of the class found it hard to sleep in the bus. opps SORRY!! but i think they eventually got back their revenge on us. hehe. cos while we’re sleeping they made noise too. haha/ lol camp also kind of sharpened my cheering skills and new cheers are definitely added into my big book of cheers πŸ˜› day one was really DIRRTY! bunked in with shuhui isabel xin ying li ting and jiaen. eventually lixin and another girl whose name i’ve forgotten was added into our big family. haha. oh yea. the first visitor that scare the wits out of us. a FROG. argh. it’s so creepy i had some problems sleeping the night. but, wells nothing happened of course. i fell on my 1st game argh. and i was scared of infection and didn’t even play indiana jones. i think i regret it very much. as we went to the place for the river cascading and got wet eventually. quite gross actually. imagine yourself soaked up in this teh tarik-coloured water. and when u didn’t even get the permission to bath after that and had to suffer when u are wet, stinking, while having dinner, and sitting in the woods out in the cold night, unsure of where they are going to take us. wells. i admit this really pissed me off. lols but other than that we had loads of fun. day 2 was those somewhat “dry games”. i tried rock climbing. and boy, IT WAS DIFFICULT ALL RIGHT. my legs were somewhat jellying after the climb. ekks. i didn’t contribute much to the raft building thing. yes. i’m sorry, but i really dont know much about those stuffs. thank god there are uniform groups people in our class. hehe! oh yea, the stars there are just amazing!!! i can’t describe in words. u have to see them yourself man. and. hmms. i think that’s the end of the camp thing. lols i dont know what to say le.\

and… I BOUGHT A PSP!!! ARGH. WITH MY OWN $$ >.< but i guess it's worth it. yea. πŸ™‚


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March 16, 2008 at 12:17 PM

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