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>hellos everyone… long time no post… hehe… wells school has just started and there’s already tons of homework and revision to do… i’m quite worried i can’t catch up, honestly. hmms. alot happened during these 1++ or 2 weeks… didn’t manage to post as my new internet plan is not working well. but i guess the problem is solved now then =) hmms. school’s great of course. the sec1 orientation camp was fun. had alots of new friends, from both the upper and lower sec. hmms. this year’s sec1… hmms not bad not bad~ hehe! had just reformatted my conputer so there’s alot of downloading and installing to do. not quite sure why my live messenger can’t work ( AGAIN) but still trying… and there’s still much more updates for the computer… zzz i wonder how long it will take. oh yea, i went for the recording for dont know what MOE website or something. hmms. quite fun ba, i can say. the people there are fun too. gained alot of experience, although the recording room is … err. small. but, yea, met alots of new people and is exposed to so many things. recording really can be fun la~~~ especially when u get to shoot things for the indian song. haha! we were so bangla-ish in the recording room while a camera is shooting from outside, and of course people outisde are laughing -_- everything’s well i guess. i’m jjust really disappointed i can’t make it to yanzi’s free concert around YJ’s house. really quite sad especially when it happens on my birthday! and yea, i had a really fun ‘advanced birthday’ in school though. JOEL IS A SPOILSPORT. haha but thanks to ROYALFAMILY for their secret planning and all although the plan is already quite exposed le. hehe! my birthday cake! lol they gave me a fake birthday cake made of a towel. will shoot some pics to post soon! oh yea, my sweet juniors i met at the orientation camp gave me pressies too!!! thanks JASMINE and KAILI! really appreciate it lots. as i wasn’t really expecting this! hehe! and their cake also made known to everyone that i’m a 15 girl now. zzz. haha. thanks for the birthday wishes!!


Written by GekTeng

January 12, 2008 at 12:20 PM

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