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>wells. LOLS hi. i’ve not been posting for a long time already. i know~ i’ve been stucked on audition and fanfics to be too free to update my blog, and even to giving it a new fresh look. i guess i’ll update more often. it’s end of my work period and i’ve gotten the money. so, yea. went to buy books last week with Shuhui and Mom. Mom and me splitted the amount 50/50. well i was the one who paid more, but. nevermind. Thurday we went for our HUANGZU gathering. watched ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS. THEODORE IS love! ESPECIALLY HIS BELLY. HEHE! went to jurong east for our kbox session. really had load of fun. snapped some pictures. but had no time to load in my computer. so i’ll post them next time. =) jumped on the sofa and blah. sang sang sang. real nice la~~~ we’ll have to do that more often i guess. especially when it is also very cheap. >.< had our family chalet on the weekends. came back yesterday. wells. i wouldn't call it a chalet. was more like a hotel to me… lols holiday resort ba, i would say. we went to sentosa's new siloso beach resort. everything's good in there. free cable TV and blah. i get to watch HBO, Discovery, and loads of other crappy stuffs. all i can say: nice. but… hmms. i don't know. but i'm sure i had a fun time at sentosa. (most of the time we are watching the tv! hehe!!!) their free breakfast was SO NICE. i had scambled eggs and hashbrown and danish pastry and blah. and occasionally the nearby squirrel will scurry here and there. LIFE'S GREAT./


Written by GekTeng

December 18, 2007 at 1:18 PM

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