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>hello everyone~~~~ LOLS havent post for a long time le i know~ have been working my guts out. hehe! quite tiring… but ok ba. at least still got 3 off days =) today’s the 1st! thurs going out gathering le… now still at ah ma’s place. wonder daddy will pick me up today? hmms… so long nv go home le. start wokring on friday again then after work ahyi promised to bring me shopping!!! hehe!!! and still have $40 more to spend!!! hehe!!! i really dont want to use all my $200 bucks to spend on books lor… sianz. >.< yea and my aunt's computer was spoiled. so i didn't even play computer for the whole of last week. nice right. hehe. give my eyes and the computer a break ba. today the repair man came lor. sianz. only these few days can sleep until so late he 9 then come le. wake me up. zzz!!!! wells. so days are good for me. quite good ba, that's what i can say. hehe! audi-ed just now. quite fun ba. ok i guess that's it then. i dont know what to post le lor. and last but not least CAROLING GROUPS JIAYOUS!!!


Written by GekTeng

December 11, 2007 at 5:16 PM

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