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>hellos. haven’t blog for a long time. i didn’t even cared to post about the class chalet. i think just a vague description will do. LOLS sometimes i can just look back at my posts, and think about the life i used to have, and the fun people i met. yea, this sounds quite cool. so i’m going to start. YL got her bandage off and went lunching with us before setting off. played cards for a while. hmms. quite fun ba. i won ‘cheat’ WHAHAHS! psst. i’m not as innocent as my looks! 😛 went for 2hour biking trip with Mandy Yuen Lam Wenzi and Joelle. overall quite fun ba. went back and realised they started bbqing le. dont care. i ate my stuffs. i admit i was quite pissed. wells. mainly disappointed. i thot the organising commitee is REALLY going to have some food for me. too bad then. but nevermind ba. it’s like i’m used to it? haha sounding emo. by then the 2 teachers have not come yet. we went calling for a very very long time before Miss Lim finally answered my call. zzz. she can’t make it. Dhivyen knew and he didn’t even tell us. i dont think Huiting even knew it cos’ she asked us to contact the teachers. she sounded quite guilty and sorry. LOLS! wells miss lim a forgive you! haha! Miss Yuana was MIA the whole night. really can’t contact her for a bit. sighs. to think this is perhaps our last gathering together. i wonder when will i see miss yuana after her transfer. >.< went out to buy some refreshments as a class. we arranged to meet at a specific place and go back together. lingmei said she got the keys and asked whether we want to go back first. in the end everyone was waiting there for us. that left them quite unhappy. i'm sorry guys. really sorry! went to bed for a while with shuhui before ps-ing her for TV. my leg is like hurting alot. the 2h biking thing should be the cause of it ba. muscle pull i guess. felt so so so miserable. after watching this BFB together most of them went upstairs to talk or whatever, something that i have forgotten. leaving us (shuhui, YL, BY, Mandy, me) downstairs. shuhui was having this gastric pain thing. BY was listening to songs, YL was 'sleeping', me and Mandy were high school musical-ing. haha. we make the best team man! had so much chemistry. hhehe! they decided to bbq again because there's still so much food left. after that we went to watch the sunrise. zzz. didn't manage to see the sun rise up even after the sky is lighted. went breakfating @ Mac. their hashbrowns reminded me of my ahma who was then in the hospital. sighs. planned to go visit her after the chalet, but had no idea of where is that place. in the end longbanged shimin's mother's car to the hospital. THANKS SHIMIN AND HER MOTHER! and btw, shimin's sister is cute. ngor aunt was there already when i reached. ahma had somewhat a surprise that i was there. haha. ahyi treated me roma's deli before she sent me to the MRT where i trained to ahma's. quite a fun day ba. and seriously. @ahma's, without ah ma is like. wow NO FOOD! LOLS! she wasn't there to cook dinner and all and we ended up with take aways and instant noodles.


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November 28, 2007 at 7:33 PM

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