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>hellos~ yesterday was a long day! LOLS i didn’t have time to blog until now. =) yesterday was open house la… i got to sing Wonderful World. >…< went for fo tang until nighttime. zzz/

today’s kinda boring. hogged on the computer right after breakfast. hmms i guess i’m going to be sick le ba. sianz. i have 2 ulcers currently. SOBS!!! SO PAIN!! after playing i handed over to sis. ZZZ. so bored~~~ watched this dunno what old movie about this spacecraft thing. i can’t belive it sia. they sent a chimpanzee up there to launch the new satellite because lives can be lost. wth. poor chimpanzee. then watched this extreme makeover house edition thingy, where everyone in the show started crying because they dunno build a base camp or something. i was not really sure. but gave me this feeling of crying too. but i didn’t of course. =_= went to Northpoint to shop and ATE CHEESECAKE!!! it’s like finally~ my cheesecake!!! hhe!!! and i tried this vanilla latte. quite nice ba. the latte was not as bitter. so nice! then we went shopping around. wow. I LOVE SHOPPING OFFICIALLY!!! LOLS so fun la. there’s so many nice and interesting clothes with those huge huge captions or those that were suitable for blogskins. haha! i love those designs man! the shirts @ hang10 all SO NICE~ but quite expensive. yea. i mean for such simple clothes. LOLS went to power9 there shop too. spotted a shirt with YES, LARGE CAPTIONS. AND I LOVE IT. >.< but ahyi said the material too thin and whatever. so i didn't buy that. went to esprits to shop too. hehe!! so nice la all the shirts! ok i mean the one that i bought. LOLs it was 2 for $19.90. ahyi bought one and i bought one. WITH LARGE CAPTIONS. ;P shopped at popular for dunno why. i bought another shirt at the basement there. quite nice ba. now i know i'll have something to wear on my cousin's wedding. haha i'll just buy accessories 🙂 just ate my dinner. hmms. ah ma's ill. and what's worst is the 2 devils are coming tomorrow. sobs. i guess im staying over to babysit ba. 🙂 that's it for now BYE!


Written by GekTeng

November 18, 2007 at 8:38 PM

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