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>WHEES. EMO POST ON THE WAY. empty. this is how i feel. VERY EMPTY. what’s thepoint of art fest? whats the point of so many solid hours of “singing” when i can’t even enjoy singing. it just doesn’t feel like a… passion any more. and i hate choir. i detest it. i just dont know whats the point of drilling so much into this stupid arts fest, and just for the attendance, to get some stupid CCA points if i dont enjoy it anymore? it just doesn’t feel right. and i am NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO CHOIR TMR AT ALL. what’s the point? 26h after choir and it’s choir AGAIN?! there’s just no point. i dont feel like singing or whatever anymore. the feeling and passion and whatever i ahd the previous time wasn’t here with me anymore. i just feel nothing about the whole choir, singing, acapella, arts fest business anymore.

“you are the team, the team doesn’t exist without you. ” yea. it’s somewhat right. but our pillar of strength, somewhat our FOUNDATION is gone. miss choo’s gone. so whats the point then? i dread choir tmr. and i wonder what songs are we going to sing again. i dont feel like performing for arts fest. and I DONT CARE ABOUT THE POINTS. sighs. i believe only miss choo knows how to make full use of tomorrow’s 4hours. our choir is only at it’s best under miss choo’s guidance. cherish. yes. again. i dont think i cherished the times with miss choo as our instructor. yes. everyone takes things they have for granted. and will only learn to treasure after it’s all gone. yea. and im gonna treasure the times we had. and will have. choir. sighs. mission impossible? i wouldn’t dare to think about things.

annd. setting aside family, and whatever, THE ROYAL FAMILY HOLDS ALOT OF IMPORTANCE TO ME. HAHA i dont know why. but i just felt like ssaying it. so that we can treasure each other more? hmms. I HOPE. friends.

“True friendship is seen through the heart not through the eyes.” thanks huangzu. and other related friends. YES IT’S YOU YOHANNIS. >.< yes. i felt it. or let's say i've SEEN it.


Written by GekTeng

October 11, 2007 at 10:10 PM

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