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hellos~ FINALLY~ END OF EXAMS. PHEW. today’s literature paper was.. er. hmms. i dont know. hope for the best? i dont quite care about this subject… so… ya. after exams we didn’t go makan straight away… YJ have this meeting with hu lao shi, mel and LM have to go this Suzhou exchange briefing. we waited for YJ la… haha SO LONG~ then we went to CWP wait for all the shops to open and blah3/ shop around at more than words, as it was the only shop open at the whee hours of the late morning. LOLS! Gelare was open and we went to sit down while waiting for mel and LM.

wow have never ate Gelare for so long already. today was really the right time. after exams, TUESDAY: 1/2 PRICE FOR ICE-CREAM WAFFLES. but i was really tempted to eat the pastas there too. i also found out there’s this Vegetarian sandwich which looks REAL NICE, and this cream mushroom pasta which i think i can eat… but it’s not cheap la, honestly. anyone treat me??? HAHA. decided our flavours and blah3. i was sharing a large one with Shuhui at first, but since she and Mandy don’t want the whip cream, YL and me shared lor. ate a new flavour. but i forgot what it is. LOLS/ i think i can just eat the waffle and be happy the whole day… LOLS the ice-cream was somewhat redundant COS THE WAFFLE WAS REALLY VERY NICE!!! WOOTS!!! i had a feeling of eating their american cheesecake too… haha the last time i ate was with Yohannis. SIGHS. i just love reminicing the past… the EVER WONDERFUL PAST. they decided to but bubble tea, and me bernice mandy and YJ went to buy the birthday pressie for our dearest YL~ happy advanced birthday to YUEN LAM!!!
then went to YL’s house la. LOLS 1st time we went to YL’s house solely for PLAYING. woots! finally! muahahah!!! watched secret again/ haha ended up with everyone crying their hearts out. BOOHOO!!! lols! I CRIED TOO! >.


Written by GekTeng

October 9, 2007 at 7:42 PM

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