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>phew! this is somewhat the end of my tiring one week. wells, i’ve been mugging… and have somewhat been addicted to reading books all over again… wells. im not too sure. CW is supposed to have this playing of candles thingy at her house area but i can’t go. SORRY CW~ today was our 1st EOY paper… english. was quite alright. i managed to answer without much difficulties? Mdm Chang was the setter though. i guess this also gives me a boost of confidence to do better? maybe… and THANK YOU MDM CHANG FOR YOUR PEN! =)

hmms. i don’t think there’s much to post today… somewhat disappointed yanjun can’t make it for lunch together… but nonetheless there’s still Bernice Mandy and YL. =) i still can’t manage to find this Mdm Baya. hmms. she’s got my name and class, so i must find her no matter what. but where is she everytime?! i called her for 2 days cpnsecutively le, but i’m still given this hold tune or something. literally NO ONE picks up the phone. wth. oh yea the lot of us went to sign up for this OGL thing. hopefully everyone can get their OGLs role next year ba. i wouldn’t want to be in the commitee group lor… i don’t think it will be as fun as the OGLs and hopefully the sec1s next year can be more enthu?

we ate lunch at pizza hut. i’m quite surprised there’s actually food for me to eat. haha THANKS YL AND MANDY AND BERNICE FOR CHECKING FOR ME THE FOOD 1ST BEFORE DECIDING ON WHERE TO EAT! thank you very much~ i really appreciate it la… but it’s quite ex though… cos we added another pan hutter or whatever… basically it’s a plate of fried food. AND CHILL. I EAT THE WAFFLE POTATO THAT I CAN EAT ONLY. haha. but mom’s was much nicer… =) ate the veggie pan pizza. quite nice. i realised they added butter on the pizza too. quite oily la. but the mushroom soup is also very nice! but i like Roma Deli’s better. next time i will bring them there. hopefully if there’s time… exams have just started and i just wish they would end soon! cos end of the EOY will mean “intense” practising of four hand play with YJ, and maybe tuition for my sis and her friends and whatever. im not too sure myself. but my mom promised to give me salary. wells. although i feel bad about it… let’s just see when the time comes ba. =)


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September 21, 2007 at 7:24 PM

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