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>hi!!! i’m back again!!! LOLS im so sleepy now but have just ate. can’t sleep with a bloated stomach… hmms. although tiring, i think i had much fun. the day just whizzed past for me. learnt about this cyberbully at character development today… i realised small little things that are posted in the internet are somewhat offensive. sighs. that’s some disadvantages of the internet. sometimes i really hate the internet. haha. we had half hour of time left after our CD lesson, and was practising singing for today’s competition with Mandy. we decided to sing si lu by liang jing ru. lols not bad ba not bad ba… every 2/8 groups went into the competition so there’s about 3 to 4 teams to practice with. we just went crazy singing and listening to our groups as we ran around the class, going through the groups one by one. haha it was definitely fun. math was alright. we had to be film saying the manipulatives again as Miss Lim did not record the previous time (i think… ). we went straight to the toilet to sing again. haha today the toilet don’t seem to be very crammed with people but Joelle Wenzi and Weiting came by to support us. haha they were also shocked and were like WHAT ARE YOU DOING EATING IN THE TOILET?!?!” HAHA but they still ate my bread nonetheless IN THE TOILET.

the rest was BLAH. we invited mdm chang to support us after she spotted us “reading” chinese materials… haha excuses… all excuses actually… 😛 school ended and we walked to our usual kopitiam to buy french fries. this time the uncle was generous. he gave us so much more compared to previous weeks… =) THANKS! walked with YJ they all to republic poly. YJ and i were obviously taking our own sweet time… and after meeting up with LM she was rushing us to walk faster…haha. chill LM~ changed together in the big bathroom with LM, YJ and BY. haha was quite malu… but aiya dun care la. got a shock cos we didn’t lock the door. when mandy and YL arrived they pulled open the door… we were screaming like hell. lucky we hadn’t changed out of our clothes yet… but… it’s SCARY./ me and YJ were still taking our own sweet time… sitting chatting singing blah3. YJ somewhat “proposed” to me. haha we were very close today i dont know why la. but i somehow enojoyed it very much. =) an she was telling everyone i’m her new wife. so funny!!! haha walked with her linking hands… haha did alot of funny poses while walking around the pool or something. she was really HIGH~ today. rished back to school to have our competition. sang. got 2nd prize. =) special appearance was Yohannis though. YOHANNIS YOU SANG WELL. ALTHOUGH YOU WERE FASTING. LOLS. mandy kept our prize and promised to treat me makan back. LOLS actually i asked for it de la… =) haha have to cut short as im offing soon. sorry for not posting in details! I SO LURVE TODAY!!!


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September 13, 2007 at 7:17 PM

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