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>hihi~ LOLS life’s tiring right after school starts. more past years EOY math papers for our class, while we recieved nothing yet for my pathetic and most worrying subject of all, SCIENCE. we haven’t even complete our syballus yet. hopefully i can score well this time? i’m not too sure myself. no offence, but it’s the teacher i dont trust. i’m not sure, but i tend to fall asleep, or do other things in her class. i’m sorry. but i can’t help it. i don’t know when our last chapter will be done, seeing that there’s about 3 more tiring weeks to go, before the EOY commences. and that’s when it gets REAL TIRING. i’ll stay up late to study as usual. haha well they say to get enough sleep before exams, but i doubt so. studying last minute somehow makes everything stucked into my head for only ONE DAY, then i can be chunk everything i studied aside. hmms. i don’t know. but i ‘ll just try to make the best out of myself? GAMBATE EVERYONE~

as i said, school was tiring. but i kept hogging on my computer and did not get things done more faster, so that i can get sleep earlier. and that makes my mother worry. and there’ll be many… err. sort of problems of me staying back in school and all. sighs. and i think what’s worse is that despite me knowing all these, I STILL KEPT TYPING. can’t help it. SORRY! 😛

school today was fine, but boring. tuesdays are the most boring day of the school days. i can literally sleep the whole 4 hours after recess. or sms? hmms. i not marked for today’s morning check though. somewhat spoiled my whole day. no offence, but… sighs. it’s ok. i just feel i came for nothing that’s all. and i have to admit, although i’m SOMEWHAT wrong, i was quite pissed.
don’t know why, but i kind of feel awkward somehow today while doing duty with WL. felt kind of uncomfortable. haha we didn’t talk. and i dont like the somewhat suspense at all, although i somewhat dont know what we’re going to talk about if we start conversing? wells i dont know. i dont feel right with the peeps in student council somehow. it’s a wierd feeling, i dont know. there’s silent reading today, and i went back to join my class straight after morning duty. i mean, what’s the point staying there with people that… hmms. make you feel uncomfortable? or is it me? wells i dont really care. form teacher period and all. mdm ng didn’t come today, so summing up we had 3 free periods. we singing in the toilet at recess. haha recieved alot of weird looks from epople but, who cares. i mean, i’m having fun and i’m not alone. so who cares? hahachinese was after recess. and i was quite focused today. mel and shuhui were doing up encouragement boards for the karaoke session today and was caught by the teacher unfortunately. haha but thanks! geography was like a “let’s-go-to-sleep-i’ll-make-it-easier-by-going-through-my-powerpoint-slides” lesson. everyone was literally dozing off. no matter how loud the teacher speaks. science. i guess i said all i wanted to say earlier. so. it’s the same la. all science lessons are the same. i guess i wont elaborate on that… 😉 literature lesson was quite meaningful today. we did EOY papers today. ate with HUANG ZU members, unfortunately excluding mel and ling mei, as they are going for their suzhou exchange briefing. 4 plates of vegetarian noodles, how’s that. and i have to agree with yan jun, it’s really salty sometimes. sighs. i wish we will have more gatherings, or whatever like that, regardless it’s just to eat, or every study, i dont mind. spending quality time together and that’s what matters? ha. i’ve learnt to cherish nowadays. more MATURED, I THINK? =) karaoke session was alright. dont want to elaborate le. well done everyone! GAMBATE results will be out tomorrow. haha. we’ll see how then. and till then. bye.


Written by GekTeng

September 11, 2007 at 9:29 PM

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