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>yo! im tired~ im stressed~ ARGH! sighs. tell me, am i worrying too much or im i really thinking about things that are seriously worrying? math haven do, theory haven do, still owe cher work somemore, pianmo haven practice, in the mist of preparing for acapella fest, teachers’ day is so tiring today, haven even eat yet… i can’t take it la sianz…wan to destress oso like very difficult… play music then another ugly piece or piano playing will surface… it’s like WHAT THE HELL?!?! sighs. TOLERATE!!! yanjun must help me with my theory!!! i dont even want to eat now. sighs. i dont know what’s my problem will everything be alright tomorrow? i think im getting more and more depressed and emotional. sianz. and i doubt my food can digest well if i keep thinking like this. at least i know mom and dad will not understand. hopfully the holidays will come sooner? or will i have MORE things to do in the holidays? ARGH!!!

ok whatever. let’s see… yesterday. went home and sleep. and got up. and did my math. which i realised i can’t do questions that i thought it’s easy. AND I HAVE MORE TODAY. sigh. that’s all for yesterday. i can’t remember quite well.

todday was HELLISH./ although i meet some interesting and cute peeps along the way…. but it’s real tiring la. school was alright i think… managed to understand my math with some help from mandy and yan jun THANKS MANDY AND YAN JUN!!! art was quite slack… one whole period was somewhat wasted as aishah went to print the materials. HAHA. we drew MNM chocolates with shading things today… dont know why, but YL seemed quite peck chek today. and i guess i know the reason why. i feel so sad and angry. i wondered why i can meet such hypocrite,jerk. math was alright. except i was being called up by miss lim to identify something i missed out. sianz la. I FORGET TO LABEL THE LINE. wtf. i took about 5mins to realise my mistake. and miss lim was like teasing~ =_= after recess was all homec. i think YL was cheered up or whatever. cooked the muffins… mel’s and shuhui’s looked quite nice… so was dhivyen’s… but too bad i can’t eat. was quite tempted though. haha I MUST SUCCUMB TO TEMPTATIONS!!! but i suddenly have a feeling of going to pastamania to eat… haha I can’t succumb to temptations afterall… but i din managed to go there to makan la… maybe friday, peeps? hmms i dont know~ went to choir and so peeps so i decided to pop in to play some pieces from jay’s movie. nice la. but i wonder how much time i will take to master everything with so many things going on. i dont even have time to practice my exam pieces let alone these “good for nothing” ppieces? (no offence) then went for counsillor… was pasting and pasting and pasting and walking round and whatevering all the while… and it lasted for hours. no wonder i have whole body ache now. it feels so depressing.i feel that i can’t focus on my work with all these aches… even if i managed to do it, i will not do a good job out of it… sighs. my piano i die le… i can sense the smell of death??? sighs. i dont know what to do… i just want to sleep. ZZZZ


Written by GekTeng

August 29, 2007 at 8:41 PM

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