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>hellos~ going to blog about saturday and sunday… supposedly was going to go kbox with the HUANG ZU peeps. but sonething cropped up and we decided to cancel the whole thing. wells. i was disappointed. but i understand. SHUHUI ALL THE WAY! and the emo days aren’t over yet. i dont know when it will last till… probably thursday? i wish it was good news though. ok nvm~ i know this can’t be understood ** insider story***

ok then. saturday’s piano was cancelled. which was a great thing. haha. went to vista point to makan with Yuen Lam then went to her mother’s friend’s house to rehearse our coming wednesday’s homec practical. it was fun la… that aunty was really nice, and GOOD. she taught us how to do stuffs… did all the calculations… provided the flour(i think…) measured everything nicely for us… so what we’re going to do on wednesdays is just to sieve the flour and mix everything together that’s all. haha. and our end product tastes just as great… i think i will post up some pictures after this ba… =)

after everything was cancelled i’ve got backup activities la… so it’s like… haha no worries… xD went to watch movies with Yohannis and Cedric lor… they had flag day and was supposed to meet straight after but i was enjoying the muffins so much i think i lost track of time? hmms. sso cedric bought the tickets first while Yohannis went home just for the sake of going home, and went out again to meet us after playing the keybaord or something? haha. that’s called time management… WHAHAHAS! we watched Hairspray. HMMS. i kinda dont like it. it sucks seeing Zac Efron doing stuffs with ANOTHER girl except VANESSA. haha yes, your right… im kind of obssessed with the whole high school musical over again. season 2? NICE. that’s all i can say… haha wait for 9september ba for those who havent watch! xD ok nvm~ we still had alot of time to spare first before the movies starts so we went around shopping in KIDDY PALACE. where we play those tiny little keyboards and stuffs… i even got shoot by a toygun. yes. thanks cedric =_= then we went to metro after that. loitered around la… then Yohannis and i decided to play some game and ran away from that cedric who’s dunno heading where… toys department i think… WHAHAHAS!!! we went to the 2nd floor, armed with our “guns” and loitered around the women’s undergarment section until he called. WHAHAHS!!! FUNNY LOR. cedric was like so paiseh… so fun la!

me and yohannis were all deciding whether to take neoprints or not… but nahh… not enough money la… haha then went into minibits where i have to find that *thing* couldn’t find it, and moreover the salegirl SUCKS. and left that shop looking so ever dejected. sian lor… i just felt like crying all over again. but wells… nvm~ watched hairspray la… the songs were damn nice. that nikki whatever de was cute la… it’s just that i dont like her with Zac and all… yea. VANESSA would be great. ok whatever. got poked almost all the way throughout the movie by cedric though. so he too provided some sort of entertainment. hmms. i think i doubt it. haha ph ya THANK YOU CEDRIC FOR TREATING US POPCORN AND ICE LEMON TEA! woots!!!

went back home after that lor and blah3. i forgot le.

sunday was… hmms. started my day bright and early, with so much unwillingness, though. i just dont like people calling me awake or whatever… haha especially SHAKING me awake. durh. ok whatever. went for youth class and surprisingly i found that a have like nothing to do? hmms. not that i have nothing, it’s just that i dont feel like doing it. but i did most of that math self practice worksheet anyways. knocked on the table when we learning our lijie… haha i wasn’t supposed to knock on it, but it just flew onto my head. still hurts lor… i think got blue black le… haha blue black on forehead? hmms. cheng quan was quite alright. they used the teachings in the bible to sort of link it up with our teachings… haha i guess i will have something to say to cedric about my religion afterall!!! hha just you wait. =) oh yea THANKS QIQI FOR HELPING ME MEMORIZE THE CHAPTERS AND WHATEVER IT WAS IN THE BIBLE THING. treat bubble teat next time? hmms. WAIT LONG LONG BA.

lunch was delicious. ate 2 bowls of the noodles. nice la. i wonder how they prepared. haha. had to somewhat rush to TAPAC for rehearsal for Acapella Fest. but ended up reaching the esplanade area at 2… so went to shop around there la… the McFields’ cookies were DAMN NICE lor. that $1.90 is definitely worth it, ah yi… AND THANK YOU AH YI FOR TREATING ME TO SUCH WONDERFUL COOKIES!!! ya la… i was really tempted to buy the chocolates… and ice creams… and even the TATAMI MATS? haha. kidding~ went to TAPAC. Sheng Ming couldn’t come. sianz. then it’s like we can’t do anything GREAT without him? and was dismissed after not even 1hr. was quite pissed la, to be true. but… sighs. DUNNO LA! went to ah ma house and slept. then woke up go home and ate and bath and now im here. ok i guess that’s all for now~ ***peace***

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August 26, 2007 at 10:24 PM

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