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>hellos~ im having a real fun day today… LOLS i think most of it is thanks to Bernice ba… i kinda like her “brain damage” mood today… makes everyone laughs SO MUCH. really. lols shuhui ah… u didn’t join us… or else i think it will be much more fun =) sighs. i dont know why, i feel so happy today… too hyped up le i think… even in science lesson today… thanks to Dennis!!! WHAHAHAS!!! i will not forget wat happened today de. dont worry… LOLS ok nvm~

went to eat with bernice and yan jun they all… nice la… really very long nv eat with yan jun le lor!!! LOLS i think this should be the 1st time we eat together this year??? hmms… was torn between eating in gelare or pastamania… since gelare have half price… but nahh… too many people… went to pastamania eat… and just realised there’s like 3 bubble tea shops in causeway point, and IN THE SAME LEVEL SOMEMORE… went to try the dunno what… i forget the name le… quite ok la haha… not as sweet… and it’s low fat somemore!!! WHAHAHAS!!! but quite ex la…

went to meet the others at pastamania… then makan-ed. i tried out the “back by popular demand” brocolli baked rice… haha quite nice… LOLs really la… the cheese was good. but too much? i guess so… the others ate our all time favourite POMODORO!!! lols it’s like suddenly everyone loves being vegetarian? but seriously, pomodoro ROCKS. ate peacefully… making melody think it’s like SO QUIET!!! haha. and she’s the one to sort of break the silence. haha but crapped alot ofter finish eating… rotted in pastamania until 4.30pm… somewhat catching on old times… treasure and cherishing the good times… being so happy around each other and blh3. this just feels great. i laughed alot today… bernice was so blur today that her blurness kind of liven up the whole atmosphere. haha NICE ONE BERNICE!!! haha the 1st time i see bernice being somewhat stupid sorry bernice. i know you’ll be alright tomorrow… haha cos everything that i said, only yan jun seemed to understand me… haha the others were like “huh?” haha then shooting so many cute and nonsensical questions that made everyone laughed… and i wont forget, yan jun… the “nice posture” or whatever u “taught” me today… after being slapped on the leg by yan jun for 8 times according to herself, i managed to keep my legs closed. but after a while it went back to normal again… and i got slapped again before i closed them without her noticing. MAN SHE WAS FAST. haha lucky there’s no 5 fingered whatever. ERNICE WAS CUTE TODAY LA!!! haha dont wish to elaborate much… but these happy and wonderful memories will be etched deeply in my heart? lols i think i got to go le… last test tomorrow… GAMBATE!!! whees~~~ kbox and movies after that… and when i say MOVIES, i meant MOVIES. CHEERS!~!!


Written by GekTeng

August 21, 2007 at 10:50 PM

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