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>haha hellos~ quite some time didn’t post le… AND THAT YUEN LAM IS PESTERING ME… sighs. wat to do but to post? haha luckily i have SOMETHING to post. today school’s national day celebrations and stuffs. SIANZ. i think the presence of the new “you- know-who” has made lives worser for everyone. wore a red shirt to school.. sorry bernice for asking u to bring one more for me and i didn’t wear it. IM SORRY! parade was kinda cool. Benson shout so loud haha. then im imagining whether he will make it to command the ndp parade a few years on the road ahead? wells i don’t even know him well. but i think he did it well la… haha at least he did not faint? WHAHAHAHS!! ok nvm~ then we went up to the backstage there gather for our LAST performance. sianz. then obviously there’s no space at backstage anymore and we went to the back of the hall to watch the performance first, which was a good thing. haha. sec1/5 rocks!!! their lyrics and melody is quite nice… haha and they won 1st la… lols they deserved it. JIAYOUS! i even saw hawa!!! she didn’t even tell me she can play the guitar. OR AN ELECTRIC GUITAR! lols went to the backstage after hawa’s performance then was looking at shuai ges or whatever with yohannis. haha she literally went crazy or something… HAHA sang for about half and hour to like… 40 mins? had alot of fun. but i think last year’s was much nicer, people were much high-er and there are no sort of whatever “no running around” restrictions, or “no coming on stage unless choir or ne champs” rule to restrict the students. i still rmb last year everyone literally went crazy and formed the snakes or whatever that was called the ran up and down the stage and all. HAHA but i think this was the most successful sing-along session. haha partly because today’s the somewhat actual celebration day, and we have a half day off which means no lessons, focus studies or whatsoever… so people can just put their troubles away and GET HIGH WITH US!!! haha. sang alot until my throat was about to burst.

was supposed to go for the lunch with the debaters with mdm chang… cos we’re in the finals she wanted to treat us… but in the end she can’t make it cos she’s having a fever, as told by
vinus. wells nvm then~ but GET WELL SOON MDM CHANG!!! decided to watch a movie and eat out with yohannis and cedric. ate ya kun toast. NICE LA. so long never eat le. their ice lemon tea’s quite nice too. then that stupid cedric was so bored that he somewhat mixed my lemon tea with kaya. luckily i had drank most of the drnk or else i will ask him for the $$$ back… lols played worms forts with cedric via bluetooth, and god knows how he does it. but i won in the end~ whees~

decided to watch SECRET… jay chou’s new movie. and it rocked ALOT. very touching… the twist of the story is very TWISTY. err. ya. u would expect that… that… (haha i’ll leave that for u to watch yourselves. dont spoil the fun) yohanis cried for a bit, i… hmms. dont know leiis. on the verge le? even cedric felt like crying or something~ it’s worth the money la. as he had said. the plot was real good. and most importantly, the piano skills were SUBERB. if i was to practise the piano everyday and blah, i think i will have made it to that level??? haha if only there’s no school… my piano will be suberb i guess? there’s really no time for me to practise my piano or watever. and i think im losing th patience, or even Miss Chong is losing it. SiGHS. IM SORRY. common tests are coming, theory exams at november i guess, piano practical exams next year much. AND I SUCKED AT EVERY SONG AND SCALES EVEN. i plan to read finish my ahrry potter fast. OK I KNOW IM SLOW. but i dont think if i read finish le i will have the time to do my notes and revise and blah3. so, I HAVEN’T COME TO A DICESION YET. so see how it goes ba…



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August 8, 2007 at 10:42 PM

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