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>whees~ yesterday was like so fun cans??? NICE MAN. senior team are the CHAMPIONS!!! YEA WE BEAT THE 2 TAG TEAMS!! LOLS it’s really heartwarming to know that we’ve did it. junior team was not bad too… =) err.yesterday went quite fast, actually. and i was enjoying every bit. hmms. i love wednesdays somehow… less lessons and blah3~ i’ve got to admit i was so tired my brain was literally dead by the time dnt starts~ zzzz… got high after school la. miss choo came and blah3~ practiced for the songs and all. i finally got my ELIJAH ROCK right (i guess~) haha yesterday’s practice at youtube had just worked… lols junior oso quite not bad~ miss choo lent us a bag of accessories then i found a glittery tie… nice man!!!! too bad i dont have the chance to wear it on stage… >.1st time. met suria on the same MRT too! LOLS i was quite shocked~ haha. drop off at city hall and walked all the way to esplanade. lols i don’t know the way, so i just followed them… haha this is kinda nice too now that i know how to go to more places… haha then after that saw TAG last year’s champion singing… then yohannis went so high~ then changed and blah3~ took pictures… lols i must take the pics from yohannis soon… then got mike test. TAG kinda rock. i like the girl solo voice. quite… hmms… i dont know how to say~ then after that we got mike test…. haha almost everything off tune? i forget le la. oh yea cedric still gave me drink i weird drink… what spring water or something… YUCKS. and it costs $2+~ sianz… haha went to upstairs dunno where and sing~ ok la quite ok although i was abit emo when singing santa baby. i just can’t get the pitch right or something. THANKS TO HAZEL, YOHANNIS AND SURIA FOR HELPING!! after that me and yo bough drinks. wehn i taking out $$$ MY PHONE DROPPED AGAIN. 2nd time. SIANZ. NVM~ so sad la~ then went back to the perf area then saw ah yi already arrived~ THANKS FOR COMING AND SORRY I DIN TOK TO MUCH TO U~ SO BUSY LA… ok. then i asked yl help me take my phone. THEN SHE DROPPED IT. AGAIN. 3rd time. *** amen~*** then spray the nice nice glittery things on my hair… lols suria spray alot lo… then apply lipstick blah3~ lols then sang~ ok la i think. so nervous. forget to sway for the fever~ THANK YOU MANDY FOR CUEING ME. lols then wonderful world i think ok la… ah yi say my voice got shake??? hmms… after junior then ma and ah yo left the junior grp and practiced with the senior group outside esplanade… santa baby was quite alright, which was a great relief to me, edwin got his “i get around” notes done. and went on to the stage to sing le lor. I REMEMBERED TO PUT MY HAND UP FOR ELIJAH ROCK. lols that was a good thing. cos for most of the rehearsals i forget. ok then after the perf cedric offered potato chips. hmms. din mange to eat finish la then thorw away~ THANKS CEDRIC then blah3~~~ screamed for the audience favourite~ i think the EXCLAMATIONS(SENIOR) GOT 2ND… I SAW IT~ LOLS then so high lor~ wheets! then i still manage to see the “results slip” haha. the only thing i focused on : best soloist. YOHANNIS!!! i told her she dun believe me. haha then we bet lor. if true she treat me drink =) whees AND I WON OF COURSE! haha i’ve got sharp eyes here =) so happy we(or me only) were like jumping and jumping. haha wwho cares about the high heels now. later pain but that’s later~~~ lols then junior team got 5th~ there’s still 2 other groups who didn’t win anything… LOLS JIAYOUS BA… the situation around there was like… ermms… blur. i dunno what’s happenning… then come to the top 3 and EXCLAMATIONS havent been called yet… then i still heard someone from our lot say “wahh got chance le got chance le~” then TAG and EXCLAMATIONS was the top 2 group lo… haha 2nd goes to… TAG!!! whees!!! i really JUMPED. THE EXCLAMATIONS GOT 1ST!!! WHEES~~~ SO HAPPY. edwin went to take the award~ whees GO GO EDWIN!!! HAHA then sang elijah rock aagin… lols this song was a killer for me thoughout… lols almost cried lor… me and yo hug like everywhere… even on stage after we finish singing the song~~` WHAHAHAS!!! after that me yo and cedric left the already VERY BIG GROUP and went on our own… lols. haha sorry guys~ went to gelare sit and slack abit… the sofas there are so tempting and ah yo and me both are having sore feet. so it’s like WHY NOT? lols. then ended up we went to tcc next door cos gelare is closing soon~ their american cheesecake IS SO NICE!!! took out math to see if they can provide any help. but nahh, done nothing at all… WHAHAHAS~ yohannis bought this dunno what choc mint thing that costs 7++. and it taste like… err. ok i dont quite like the taste at all. haha bitter la./.. then went take train le lor. took pics la… then i sleep in the train they oso wan take… sianz~ the next posts will be the pics taken by my aunt and yohannis maybe… lols i’ve also got the unleash the leaders within pictures from general jac le… so see when i free then upload ba. TIL THEN~


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July 26, 2007 at 3:31 PM

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