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>hellos~ i know i haven’t been posting for a long time… i really have i VERY VERY tight schedule around here. hope everything ends next week then i can bury myself in book for the oncoming common test… im really getting stressed up, desperate, and sometimes even to feeling depressed. luckily i have school everyday, where i will meet all my crazy friends who are, indeed CRAZY, but a very nice people around. they will always cheer me up. last week had been a blast. i can’t even stay at home and rest, or at most STUDY. my weekends are filled up with acapella practices… both junior and senior. whatever. i must win. i must get $. i am already bankrupt now. chinese project was also done in the weekends. nowadays i feel im treating my house like a hotel or something. as you can see, on saturday i went out at 9, and came back only at 11pm. all 3 meals are eaten outside. and now i really have no money left. because the $14 i kept for this weekend, have been all used up. thanks to me, who forgot to take the reciept from popular. i can’t believe it. my $14 ALL GONE. hopefully our teams will win and i’ll be able to earn some money back. WHEES~ this is the thing that keeps me going… well i’ve got so much more to do this week, as everything i am rushing for is coming to an end. well, it means that the time is lesser, and you’ll have more to do in lesser time. GET IT? i’ve got to make decorate the counsillor notice board tomorrow, and i HAVE TO THANK MY FATHER for helping me draw that bloody maple leaf, and MY SISTER for helping me cut it while im having a break here. THANK YOU YUEN LAM for spending (or wasting) her time waiting for me buying the papers at popular. ermms. what do i have to say now. it;s like a thank you speech instead of a post…. debates. im going bonkers around here with the debates. getting into the finals is surely something GREAT, but you wouldn’t want it if u are as busy as me. it’s like… SING, TALK, ARGUE, ER. what else?! im really feeling stressed for the senior acapella. the girls are doing a great job. and im there ??? away. im afraid i will drag the whole team down u know. i really do not even have the time to practice my piano. do my thoery homework. or even go to fo tang now. i have to miss my youth class this week. and i dont like it. I NEED SUN TANG ZHU TO TEACH ME ELECTRICITY. cos i can admit im not paying attention to the teacher. sorry lor. hopefully raymond kor will do something about it when i meet him tomorrow? hmms. i think i will just end here. i still have about 20 maple leaves to trace and cut. BYE.


Written by GekTeng

July 19, 2007 at 9:01 PM

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