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>whees~ home sweet home~ im finally back home… spent 3 days @ grandma’s… was slacking the phole day on Monday la… and im into maple again for these 3 days la… al because of the notorious 2Js (Jasmine and Jarryl)… i even trained my character up to level11… haha~ well i really have “nothing to do”… i doubt i could finish my HW if i were to stay in my grandma’s somemore… LOLS woke up early on tuesday to go market with my grandma… hmms./ i just hate the smell… then ahma’s going to make rice dumplings on Saturday… so helped her tie the strings to tie the rice dumplings for steaming… WOW I CAN’T STOP THINKING ABOUT THE RICE DUMPLINGS… whahahas!!! the 2Js are really naughty… sighs. i decided to buck up today to help grandma… i think it worked la… LOLS woke up at 6.30am today and went to the 2J’s hse which is 2 blocks away… Jarryl kicked/punched me 2 times today… sighs/ what to do? i wouldn’t expect me to fight back right? he’s just a kid afterall… they have really trained up my tolerance into a much higher level already… oh yea, helped ahma to sweep the floor also… (although she swept it again in the noon…) got some sleep and watched barbie and the 12 princesses and i love you, brother… or something liddat… ytd i watch the millionaire’s first love… aiya all nice la… iloveyou and millionaire’s very touching… sobs~ played computer again… haha then blah3 aiya forget le anithink ba… whahahas!!! im really getting irritated at my sis again. sighs. i think tis cycle will continue… sighs… it’s the same… whether it’s in my grandma’s house or at home… someone will always come pestering me for the computer, my phone, blah3~ im really getting irritated le… oh god~


Written by GekTeng

June 13, 2007 at 8:18 PM

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