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>hellos~ todday so busy… i psent almost the whole day in fo tang lor… my day started early today… although im rather relunctant… lols what to do lor youth class starts at 9… had roti prata for breakfast with the leftover curry… hmms quite nice la… mom’s curry improved… but still not as delicious as lilian ahyi’s… whahahas!!! reached at 9 promptly… there’s a new cher la called weide… then he taught me the math elearning thing… hmms… quite ok la… but i think alot of time is wasted cos i only completed about 3 to 4 qns in 2hrs… sianz~ then got the games or whatever la… made cards… theme is “my family”. sianz lor.. lols but they provide quite alot of metarials… so quite ok la… see if i can use 2nd aunt’s scanner to scan my card… had lunch… haha the moment i have been waiting for during every youth class… their cooking is simply DELICIOUS… but i still love lilian’s… ate rice la… so full lor then raymond kor sent us back to weihong’s hse cos still got another ban there… really tired la… then after that i ATE again… but this time only fruits… THANKS WATERMELON… made my stomach less full… or something liddat la~ hmms then found out ahpeh bought 1dizi and 2 erhu for kor and mei… cos fotang have this chinese orchestra course then they went for it… sianz on monday night… even if i was interested i would not have the time for studies and sleep lor… oh yah then ling ling mmei mei cca oso chinese orchestra so she still have one liu qing… haha what a family of chinese orchestra-ers~ the erhu is quite fun… ahpeh taught me then now i learnt one song!!! YIPPEES!!! then went to ah ma hse at 6 liddat lor… now ahyi cooking noodles for me… THANKS AH NGOR AH YI!!! kkies bubyes.


Written by GekTeng

June 10, 2007 at 7:32 PM

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