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>hahaha!!! had such a fun time today!!! whees~got acapella at rp… then i shifted my piano time to 6…haha THANKS MISS CHONG!! quite fun… just that it’s too quiet there la… the chairs there so comfortable lor… i can really sleep there instead of studying there… whahahas!!! really see the furnitures feel like ZZZZ already…. what more study? yl also thinks it’s like a mini ikea or sth liddat… went to eat 1st la… abt 12 i get out of the house le… very unluckily, the bus came just after i reached the bus stop… then i reached at about 12.10… sianz la… called yl then she just got out of the house then still missed the bus BEFORE MY BUS STILL… i was like REALLY EARLY TD… walk3 then go in boots and shoes see look at things that nobody wan to look… then i was thinking what the aunties there will think… haha if i were one of them i will extra be careful… ltr come steal things de… WHAHAHA!! then walk afew rounds then faster get out of the shop le… lol ltr got accused of theft… yikes! i became rather regretful for wasting my time in popular reading those limes and teens and teenage and whatever shit… cos just now when i have nth to do and needed those mags, i realised i have read them all… wahh lucky time was passing by fast… went into 711 a little while then saw yl le… then we tok3 then saw one person wahh dunno like what liddat so scary running towards us… scary la YAN JUN!!! but hais pittifuk child… just eat some of my cheese fries then go la! haiyos a little bit wun make u vomit when u dance rite? what if u faint during dancing? that’s even worser rite??! next time ur bday then i treat u wors~ really sorry just now really no $$$ le… and THANKS YAN JUN FOR HELPING ME AND CHERIE BUY OUR CHEESE FRIES!!! then we rush to rp lor… left 15 mins… lols yah lah then go find miss choo then have practice… sing faith by this dunno what micheal whatever de… aiya forget the name le lols then miss choo go back and ah yo getting pissed off, cedric acting silly… blah3 i can say it’s really quite fun la… aiya dun wish to elaborate more.. wonder why have a sudden want to go and tok to cherie… sianz she nv online… aiya dun care le… then dismiss at 5.30.. have to rush to piano lor… 911 oready go 2 bus le then now, looking back, i still dont understand why i can still walk slowly wit mandy yl and alicia… haha then saw 169 come le then run like siao zha bor liddat… haha they all so bad laugh at me then i laugh while running the my bag fall blah~ aiya but still caught the bus la… took 900 then went to vista pt lor… think i saw hila in the bus but chouldn’t be sure so i oso dun care.then miss chong play the phantom of the opera for me “wasted” 30 mins… quite nice the song… this dunno what lloyd warren or whatever really very steady..i think all of the song is his music or whatever… then miss chong oso tell me play duet wit her… wahhh i really shocked… lols thanks la thanks… then have dunno what grand concert… then the dunno what puccussion thingy… aiya i not sure la… but i think the days ahead are gonna be tougher… i’ll be real busy… hmms… 1 year to prepare for this grand concert… wonder what will it be like… i really dont have confidence in this duet thingy… cos i dont think will have the time to practice… and the pressure will be there… bey IM DUETING WITH MY TEACHER… ssianz… haish… less computer?? hmms… i dont know~ wish me luck!! WHAHAHA!!!


Written by GekTeng

June 7, 2007 at 9:24 PM

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