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>yo~ ytd went to ah ma hse so cannot blog about the pirates!!! WOOHOO THE PIRATES ROCK!! haha me and yo was like making all those sound effects… ok conclusion. great movie, and we were the noisiest bunch (except for that kid sitting behind us… he’s cute la common… ) really nice… keira knightley sing oso very nice lor lol im going to find the video of the making of pirates le… whahahas quite funny la the movie… but i shan’t talk much about that ba… then after the 3h show they went to timezone… me and taufiq leave 1st la… have to rush to ah ma hse for dinner… then he oso go yishun… LOL took mrt tgt lor AND HOR, THE OTHER SCREEN REALLY DONT HAVE THE SMLL CLOCK THINGY OK TAUFIQ! MAKE ME WALK AND WALK AND WALK AND WALK BETWEEN THE 2 STUPID SCREENS… ok nvm~ ok la that’s the end. oh yea. now i realised jasmine is really mature… much more mature compared to other 10 yr olds… LOL wonder is this a good sign? i think she just can’t wait to grow up… haha cheers!


Written by GekTeng

May 30, 2007 at 11:52 AM

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