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>yoyoyo… got youth class td til 1… haha quite fun ba… i can happily say i’ve completed about half of my HW… thanks raymond kor kor!!! had hor fun for lunch… their cooking really never disappoints me… LOLS then dad drove kor kor and ling home then we went to cwp… CW oso at cwp then just now met her there… sianz would have somewhat accompany her walk ard if my dad and sis weren’t there… heard there will be a party or what for WC’s bday on tues god bless i may go… haha then she was like wahh u see my batt… it’s not even a drop left… whahahas then i let her see mine… WOOHOOS! FULL! lols ok i think im going abit crazy here…. think mandy’s gg thailand le ba…. heard from yl she’s not coming to choir tmr… sianz lor… lucky still have yl cherie alicia yohannis they all… LOLS oh yea, i still convinced my dad to buy the i.p. zone shirts for me… nice la… and best of all, prices have been reduced to $22 for 2!!! nice la… lucky i din buy so early… just came in the right time, and most imp WITH THE RIGHT PERSON… ok i think that’s all for today~


Written by GekTeng

May 27, 2007 at 4:33 PM

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