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sianz~ choir td… PLAINLY STUPID. miss choo din come. left with that YOU-KNOW-WHO. new comm was made to introduce themselves. bleah lor… sianz~ dun even know how to say… then stupid de call me come out then she conduct the choir… wahh really cannot take it… laugh until wan peng le behind her… she’s just… out of tune until like siao liddat/ i really can’t stand standing behind a person who is worser than me, and somemore STILL TEACHING THE CHOIR!!! she’s like… aiya really hor just making fun of herself la… just showing her has some “music background” really cannot take it. sectionals was as hell. no cher, nothing. she just disappear… what can i do??? teach teach lor… perf at library on sat… dots i cannot go… crash wit theory lesson… sorry guys~ quite ok ba then break that time still take silly pics wit yohannis they all… haha/

Written by GekTeng

May 23, 2007 at 6:31 PM

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