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>yo~ i finally SQUEEZED in some time to come and post… haha. ytd we had alot of fun in choir la… miss choo din even leave… sians lor… dunno why we think so much… ya, fun la… miss choo still somehwta helped us organise a farewell party at sentosa… haha 18th june… one day before my dear counsillor camp… hais confirm lei si one la… LOLS but nvm i think it will be fun… cos the new comm will be organising it… errr… i guess so ba… haha mandy and yuen lam oso in comm… which is good cos there will be ppl accompanying me to go for ANOTHER CAMP!!!! dunno what student leaders camp la… then continueing after that is the dunno what dance camp again… oso dunno what’s that for… but i think it’ll be a very busy “holiday”. im wondering now do i even have the time to rest and whatever?? sianz lor… oh yea back to monday… after the discussion mis choo let us go out to play captain’s ball… boys VS girls… then i half way sub inside… girls lose like siao in there lor whahahas… then i tripped on my leg and fell… sianz… sprained my ankle la… but not really pain. but it’s pain. then still got the new comm interview. make us stay back until 6+++++ lor… all the lao bu calling calling le… wtf la i wan pianist dun wan conductor!!! ARGH!!! then got 2 new camps, and still have a library perf, WHICH IS ON SATURDAY!!! yj they all oso perf there… sianz i dount i can make it lor… aiya they all all last min i can’t even organise my time well… my mother dun even know yet… i din even bother to tell her… let’s just wait for the consent form… dun care le. td still ok ba… dance lesson the assessment i think me and bernice got bonus pts cos we turn 2 times… lol and somemore WITH MY SPRAINED ANKLE… wahh i gd rite… i know~ then still have to go sembawang beach do the dunno what cleaning stuffs… sianz lor… haha our class still emerged as winners for collecting the most rubbish… lol nonsense la… what is the prize??? A CERT… that’s all. O_o


Written by GekTeng

May 22, 2007 at 7:54 PM

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