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>hellos=) so long din blog le… stupid mandy keep asking me blog… sianz… and finally i got sth to blog abt… ytd and td… FUN./ ytd got gathering of some sort. CW suggested it la. went to watch movie… NICE. 200 POUNDS BEAUTY ROCKS!!! nice movie. real nice. popcorn quite ok. some too sweet some no sweet… dots… then not alot of peeps… wan laugh loud loud oso like dun dare lor… sian diao~ but it’s quite funny… ending is VERY VERY TOUCHING. wahh i really love that movie… now quite obsessed with the kim ah joong… sing the maria… her vocal really suberb. then i got somewhat recruited into our acapella team… gg for competition on july… wow tough days ahead=) yes. yohannis, all the best. u must beat her… LOL the songs very touching… this song is touching lor… very nice la… actually maria oso very nice but i like this more =) byul by kim ah joong. nice lor. lol then went o take np… quite fun la… wencong only appeared in 1 of the 6 pics? i think so la… oh yah, edwin’s sis oso got come… haha poor thing la she. no one tok tok… then me mandy play game of life on my phone wit her lor… continue yl de… haha then change the occupation become artist yl so angry… lol ok la the end. and I MUST GET MY I.P. ZONE SHIRTS BY THE HOLS!!!

OK TD. YL CAN COME EAT LUNCH WIT US… i was so happy. REALLY LOR. FINALLY. HAHA. then eat le go see look pressie for wen cong lor… bday coming le… went to kiddy palace to see my baobei eeyore!!! woohoo!!! still as cute la whahahas… and as soft… i will buy de… but dunno when? lol… see 1st ba… went to the creative art corner there do the thing for wen cong lor. haha fun la… i keep like destroying the thing,… haha only i think it’s quite nice… whahahas. pics now!!!


Written by GekTeng

May 17, 2007 at 6:54 PM

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