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>sianz… now at ahma hse… sianz… complain complain complain… i almost can’t use the com le. all bcos of HER. sianz… ytd was really fun. i cried la. haha really break record le ba. there i told u. light of the north. GREAT.sing until like shit liddat. now i know why la. it’s really very hard to sing when u have alot of emotions building up in u. i was beginning to think. sighs this is probably the last time the choir sing with it’s EVER WONDERFUL, CHEEKY SENIORS. then i cried. haha cried and laughed la. i oso dunno why i laughed… but i see mandy cry oso then i oso laugh… laugh and cry la i oso dunno. then my make=up was already like shit le… th hila when conducting the light of the north oso like abt to cry liddat le lor… that makes me wanna cry even more la. what to expect nia? she’s standing right on front of me! and whats “great” is that theres 2 chocolate fonde there. one right infront of mandy and me… wahh the chocolate smell was like… WAHH! i was like starring at it for almost the whole of the concert lor! then i still found a bigger one at the back of the hall! tried to signal to mandy beside me but she just dont understand what i meant. really vomit blood le lor. haha the modern dance oso cried. cos the leaving of miss jenny the cher and their seniors at one shot. but at least they know that their cher’s leaving. we dont even know whether miss choo’s leaving! sianz must hope for the best. prepare for the worst? IM NOT PREPARED. already stopped crying le then saw modern dance crying then haha cried again lors~ see yan jun cry i oso wan cry la… oso dunno why. went out of school le then forget to get balloons from LM. taufiq went into school with me again to get somemore balloons then saw lm wit balloons then taufiq wan to take the balloons from her for me then lm dun wan give… sianz SORRY TAUFIQ.then he walked away lor. i feel so bad. he so gd wan wake for me right… sighs. aiya got my balloon eventually. went to mac after that. edwin sm they all there le cw they all waiting for us and the balloons. on the way there wen cong play with my balloon then almost fly away lucky he jumped and caught it. THANKS WEN CONG=) then yohannis snatched away my balloon twice and i thought it’s flying away again and screamed. sry for the damage done to your ears. but i screamed alot ytd la. went there le then dunno where to sit. sianz edwin ask me sit beside him then i sit lor. felt very awkward. dunno why/ then see they all play daidi all this. so funny la chris. link up all the straws and drank the coke or whatever. choir guys are goofy. we laugh until like what liddat lor. THANKS MOM FOR LETTING ME STAY UP OUTSIDE FOR SO LONG AND IN THE LATE NIGHTS. I REALLY APPRECIATED IT. i have enjoyed myself thoroughly. tavin came and played with the balloons la… he go suck up the helium in the balloons and the voice really changed lor… laughed till peng… yl was not in a good mood la. sighs. i wish there will be more gatherings like that in the future. and CW, i will nv forget our promise. GENTING. 2008 AFTER OUR O LEVELS. not 10 yrs liao nia? i oso think it’s too long le la… but i will still rmb whether it’s 10 years or 100 yrs. nice day ytd. oh yea! i was really touched. few days ago yo was telling me abt the results of the audition for the solo for syf2007 OC and that that miss wong nv even tell her the results or what that it’s hopeless. but that sms really came in on time. miss wong smsed her saying SHE’S BEEN CHOSEN TO SING! woohoo! i feel so happy for her! YOHANNIS ALL THE WAY! will post the pics… after mye?


Written by GekTeng

April 29, 2007 at 1:57 PM

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