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>whees~ today was… ermms… both good and bad… heard miss choo leaving. FOR REAL. NO KIDDING. im dying. SENIORS LEAVE, MISS CHOO LEAVE, MRS PANG LEAVE. WHY IS EVERYONE LEAVING ALL OF A SUDDEN? I REALLY CANNOT TAKE IT. LA i dont know what will be of choir without the seniors, without MISS CHOO! omgf. miss milhan’s last pe with the class… i think so la… then she still say i look like dunno who in 2/7 de then she oways mix up… aiya i dun think so lor. it’s like… REAL HUGE DIFF… see the height then know liao… LOLs no offence hor… chinese was like shit. mel diarrhoa then recess go home. shuhui oso then ling mei oso. dots lor. LOL then leave bernice there alone… haha went to pei her at eng lessons… sry ps yl… i ask her sit tgt and do she oso dun wan so what can i do? haven touch hw yet. maths file check dunno when the hell izzit. sighs. life’s really tough. or am i making it tough by wasting my time over this stupid computer. LOL i think i only have myself to blame lors… haha btw mye is starting and i will not be hooking up here so often… yeps. me and yo went to take neoprints AGAIN. wahh so awkward la. sighs dont wish to mention. but really very ps. haha/ then we drink the chocolate milkshake again. WOOHOO commotion died down la of course… took neoprints, went to lib crap and went to fetch that kid.


Written by GekTeng

April 25, 2007 at 7:17 PM

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