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>ok. i admit. i almost cried after HL when yan jun cried. YES. I ALMOST CRIED. in fact, i think i cried. 1 tear? but i guess i will break my record le. FOR MY SENIORS. FOR CW, FOR JIANING. FOR EDWIN. FOR SHENG MING. FOR LIPING. FOR KAITING. FOR ALL CHOIR SENIORS. I WILL MISS YOU GUYS. TONS. I WILL. choir wouldn’t be the same without u guys man. i dont even dare to imagine. yes. not at all. it’s been a gruelling week. i have been emotional for this week. argh. and now the leaving will make me feel even worser. or am i too greedy? greedy for moments that will make me laugh? moments of 15 ppl squeezing into a small machine just to capture those magical and happy moments? greedy for more singing in the void deck? greedy for seeing them play daidi with just 12 cards? greedy for those SMSes and jokes that will make me smile when i am down? greedy for the every single small tiny cute momets together? greedy for looking for enough seats to sit in MAC? i just can’t let go. choir will be apathetic lot of us after u guys leave. time really flies. I i should have cherish those moments even more. I SHOULD. now that they will be gone soon. i can’t think of it. i just couldn’t help it. i know i am selfish. they have their o levels and can’t stay forever. i just dont bear them to leave. although we will still see each other in school, but the talking and whatever-ing will be less. MUCH LESSER. sobs.

wonderful moments.

i’ll NEVER EVER forget you guys. EVER.


Written by GekTeng

April 20, 2007 at 9:23 PM

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