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>hellos. td is SYF central gudging for secondary school choirs. ok bleah. yes. we didn’t meet our target. we got silver la. LOL i dont know what to say. wells no lessons today. me alicia, mandy and yl meet for lunch at 883. nice. i ate horfun. then still bought zai er for edwin la… chose the peppermint milktea for yl to treat edwin… whahahas his fav. lol. changed, makeup, sang. got into the bus, ready to go. all my makeup dunno go where le. my face was like in a mess. thanks aisyah for helping me make up all over again. mrs pang mrs singh mr kok all there. sang quite well la. miss choo said she liked to coe the yowes. =) rivervalley got gold with honours lor. LOL lucky for them lar. got abit of emo after knowing the results. ppl cried. even mrs selvan. haha. tears of laughter or otherwise i rally don’t know. thanks taufiq for helping me keep my phone =) got so high in our bus. sang and sang and sang. so determined to lose our voices after the competition. but my voice is still here LOL. sang abc, twinkle twinkle, and buddha song or whatever… blah3 had a fun time in the bus la, not like the other bus… saw them like so emo liddat… some sleeping and aiya i oso dunno la.
they din even ask about the results. i was so disappointed. they din even mention anything. the usual “you are back” was also gone. cause of it. you-know-who. mom is always asking me to treat her better blah3. but how am i gg to treat her better liddat? she makes life for me more difficult. sighs. i feel so neglected. can’t wait to go to school tmr.


Written by GekTeng

April 18, 2007 at 8:56 PM

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