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>whees~ i had a wonderful sunday! ok… not so ba… i was at fo tang for the whole day la… slept, read, idle, blah3~ the best of all is, the kids there! they are all so cute lors… haha and yes u guessed it, i took pictures. haha. yeps! u guessed it again! im going to post it here! LOLS ok. td was just great. as you know, SYF is TOMORROW. yes tomorrow, 17 april. go ahead and buy 4d or whatever… LOLS i just care about our gold. mrs pang came in td to watch us sing la. quite good la. thenshe still talked alot of crap… but the best of all… she aloowed us to pon one day!!! tmr no need go school! whees!!! that will mean no HW, no science, no salsa, wake up late, sleep late!!!! yea!!! choir rocks!!! oh im in such a good mood td.

haha that’s all la… LOL wish me good luck for SYF!!!


Written by GekTeng

April 16, 2007 at 8:15 PM

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