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>Vocal Mania.

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>hellos. it’s days away from the concert le but im here to blog about it!!! LOLS i’ve been so busy these weeks… PBL and stuffs… it’s really tiring me a whole lot la… well i have to admit, we really sounded well in the concert… haha thanks for the support… my classmates, even my ah gong ah ma, mom, sis, aunt, aunt, aunt, came donw to watch. well something to ‘complain’ about… the air con! it’s freezing cold! my ah ma went home halfway i think becuase of the freezing temperature… humph… luckily she’s well now. haha. people, u just don’t know how fun it was at backstage…

wells, we have to reach RP at about 2.15pm and, as expected. it’s raining heavily, so who can i blame? one thing that surprised me is that, there is not connections in the building!!! well, at least not in where we were… the auditorium… ALMOST nothing. i was able to call by sitting at the chair nearest to the entrance. even so, it still took a long time to connect through. time flies when we were at RP. reherse for i think less than an hr, then went to watch the other schools reherse. we ate at… about 5+? im not too sure la. the food there so ex lor. we were like going %&*#$%&& with the prices… wells nevermind… went back to our room to dress and makeup. took quite a long time la. we were all playing, taking pictures, queuing for makeup… got take quite a number of picturres la. LOLS waited to sing… then sang. beautifully. WOOHOO! nice. i can somehwat see the gold, or maybe gold with honours coming… haha. went back to the room and blah3~ played games lor… then taufiq oso joined in… i nearly stragled him to death when helping him tie his ribbon and stuffs… sigh boys… LOL then took pics again la… it’s so fun so fun so fun! magical night i had. oh yea, sheng ming got 3 mistakes at the acapella perf… even my ah ma and ah gong realised it. lucky they caught it on tape… haha i really laugh until peng!!! whahha!!! opps sorry…

at backstage…

pssst… she really looks like gabriella montez from HSM right???

some random pics…


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April 3, 2007 at 7:58 PM

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