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>today is a badd day. sigh. i dont know where to begin. just heard my mom said. low grades= grounded+no computer. sigh. i wonder whether it’s true. I SERIOUSLY DON’T WANT IT TO HAPPEN!!! I STILL WANT TO GO WILD WILD WET!!! PLEASE!!! sigh. my results are like shit. there’s only literature and history to depend on now. please. god bless… i want to go out during the hols!!! ARGH!!! i want to cry le… the whole day in school, especially after geography, i was in a bad mood… tried to laugh it off but can’t. i really can’t. i still have to listen to yohannis cry over the phone? sigh. i couldn’t make someone else’s mood better when i’m still crying inside. who knows what my mother will react when she saw the effing results? geography… oh my god. i’ve never failed a subject before, man. it’s just hard to believe it. did i use away all my luck? or is my golden age period gone? but all i want is to go out. and i am not confident mom will say “yes”. i am feeling so bad now. results i got are somewhat killing the real me. im scared la. sigh. i think it will be better soon. it will be great to let mom see this, to let mom know how i feel. please don’t ground me… i still want to have fun. mom won’t beat me or whatever for the results i get. she doesn’t give the pressure. that is probably the reason i am feeling guilty now. wo dui bu qi wo mama. get it? but what exactly do i want now? i seriously don’t know. i want to go out!!!i want to enjoy myself!!! but not with those effing results. i am not worth to go out and enjoy. but i want to go!!! sigh i don’t know. best is that i get good grades for literature and history to cover up the hiccups in geography. ok. i think im feeling better. haha. the future is unpredictable. but i can just hope for the best. god bless, i still have tomorrow to look forward to.


Written by GekTeng

February 28, 2007 at 8:18 PM

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