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>hihi! wow i had such a fun time yesterday/ well not the WHOLE of yesterday, actually… HL was better this time, though. not aerobics anymore! YAHOO! we went to walk… i was exeptionally high yesterday lar… but almost lost my voice while competing with shuhui’s xtra loud voice… whahahas ***no offence*** and i actually sweat quite alot while walking. people say this means that you are really exercising, but i doubt it; i think i sweat because i talk, or shout too much. LOL science was as usual boring class. durh. i expectedly it la. how fun will science lesson be? still got the dunno what PBL. sianz~ then math Miss Lim go give us pretest. walao! shocked lor! confirm get 0 de la… some qns last year got learn, but all forget liao… factorize… i was like what the hell is THAT?! aiya all anyhow do de… sigh. i think break record liao lor… 0 out of 30 marks. i should cut down on my heavy consumption of eggs nowadays… sigh now i realised sec2 will not EVER be as carefree as sec1 life le… maths is getting more and more difficult. sigh god bless… i must be able to cope. chinese still got test lor. sigh. cher say no need revise, cos nothing to revise one… then suddenly go add one more section dunno what is that la… must ans how to present the answer or whatever. that one i think i flunked it la. but the others i think should be ok ba? i don’t want to get those %*$^(%# results like i did for maths and science you know… i’d better score for that paper… excluding the one that i flunked… LOL we were let off at almost 1. stayed back cos got the sec2 streaming thing at 5.30. then must wait for bernice and yan jun they all til 2 before eating much. 1st lunch with bernice and yan jun lor… so long never eat lunch tgt liao… but oso very stupid la that lunch. actually is 3 go back school de then they say 2.30 must go back le… din even let them have a proper lunch… what’s worse is that bernice didn’t even eat! sigh nvm la… drank honey milk tea again! woohoo so nice lor! i’ve been drinking this particular drink for about… 3 consecutive days? whahahas. I WANT MORE!!! oh yeah, b4 that lunch thing shuhui actually bought the BBT prince’s EP!!! wakaos. she took the 1st, and the only one that mj imported in lor! humph! then CD-Rama oso dun have a shit. aiya don’t care. me and boon yain ask them chop for us 2 le… im determined to get prince!! whahahas… after lunch went to library see that old woman again… just as expected, she really came to spot check us lor. sigh. are we really that noisy? LOL but what’s lucky is SHE DIN SCOLD US AT ALL! just stare. whatever~ then went to meet mom in school lor. yan jun so good can go home no need go for the talk. cos she stay in msia mah… ling mei’s ma oso got come. bernice one oso. they din even take attendance\i shouldn’t have went lor. aiya but dun care le. got my options liao. geog/ss, double sci(chem/phy) triple math(a/e math, POA) and the 2 languages lor. 8 subjects. PERFECTO~
SIGH. at night. that’s the worse part. i miss that cute tiny little kitty… poor thing la. struggling outside the cold void deck. mom allowed us to take it home. i carried it back with an angpao… go my ahma hse. she’s like just the size of your hand, excluding your arm, please. omgf/ she died anyways. i dun feel like giving it in details. sigh. pang weilun. idiot lor… omg. then CW still pair up with him to trick me. through the phone still… what’s funny is that DiDi oso go tok tok wit them seh. whahahas. cute. sigh i miss the kitty…


Written by GekTeng

February 24, 2007 at 1:03 PM

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