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>hello there!!! gong xi fa cai ang pao kuai kuai lai!!! whahahas! i finally decided to post again… although i have time but dont really feel like blogging still… LOL well celebrations on friday weren’t quite like celebrations… lesson are still on, there’s still science… and HL… ekkk! but i was kinda disappointed why the school didn’t invite performers from outside to do the concert. last year’s was the best, from all the school concerts or whatever things i’ve got. but nevertheless, there’s still Mr. Kok as the cai shen ye… whahahas. quite surprised la, when he threw the sweets, i was kiinda shunning away rather than to catch the sweets… it’s like… wahh falling sweets! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!
before reunion dinner we still went for last minute shopping at cwp. really got buy until things lor! don;t know why, but i feel that mom was exceptionally “wealthy” or whatever. she agreed on buying things we wanted, which was a good thing. whahahas/ working moms really is something. we bought quite alot la. enough to let my dad say we “spend $$$ very fast hahs?!” (even my mom) but this doesn’t happen all the time, of course, or else my dad would be bankrupt by then. LOL reunion dinner on sat was not bad la… it’s the same thing as usual. but the combinations that you only get to eat once a year. and it’s HOME-MADE. LOL we have steamboat as usual. this was the first time in my life that i’ve ever felt SO BLOATED. i didn’t eat a thing at all til the next morning, although i slept at 5am. it’s kinda weird, hurhs? people usually wake up 5 in the morning or whatever, but we watched hana kimi or something liddat the whole “morning”. nice la, that show. i was finding wu zun more and more shuai… whahahas. then we from 5 slept til 11 lor. was i lacking of sleep? well i don’t know. but i wasn’t feeling tired la. we then continued watching hana kimi lor… then played computer blah blah blah… P.S. we dont usually go out until late afternoon, and stayed up very late during the New Year =) ate alot of junks la. i am confident that i’ll gain weight after new year. LOTS, maybe/ LOL (im quite positive about the new year yeas?) well i dont care. this is a chance of a LIFETIME. ok maybe im exaggerating too much, but this is the time when parents dont usually care on what their children eat. well on a conclusion i’ve got angpaos. a whole lot of them. but wonder if the amount of MONEY will be as satisfying as the amount of ANGPAOS?

ok bought a new camera, so expect more photos to be uploaded ba. but some #$^*)%@@^* have been disturbing me for a whole while and i really can’ take it anymore. post the pictures later ba… or i think one of the %&*% will post in her blog? bleah. i dont care. im going to explode soon. heyy it’s my turn to play the computer. ARGH!!


Written by GekTeng

February 19, 2007 at 10:55 AM

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