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>haiz. pissed off. got somewhat scolded by joyce td early in the morning. dunno what’s wrong with her. so what she got test? got test oso not my problem still scream at me. walao she think i what lor. DURH. i bo shuang liao. ruined my whole day. my science also like shit lor. sigh. dunno how to tell me mom seh. although she wun scold me… but, i just feel very guilty. but i did study for it. td feel like crying all day long. sigh. it’s just a bad day. stayed for class deco today. mandy la… she ps me lor. everyday go home bath… LOL sigh. then before that i go see the REAL THING acapella perform. quite good la. i forget to bring hp to record it then faster rushed up LOL knock until a few peeps la… *sry…* but i still got emergency break one hor! then faster rush down watch them lor. cannot really hear the boys part la, honestly… overall quite ok la. then returned to the class then heard ling mei and shuhui fight. but they not after 30 mins then ok liao lor. LOL sometimes they all hahs… hais… then mason still saw something funny… whahahas! i will still laugh when i think about it. walaos… tmr valentine’s. confirm got one valentines gift liao… geo test. whahahas ok lame. but really, a geo test tmr! and i haven studied for it yet!!! i musn’t get low grades liao lor/ science is like shit. math is… ermm… i dunno how to say… then eng… haven test but td cher say i’ve got the potential woohoo!!! LOL ok fine bleahs.


Written by GekTeng

February 13, 2007 at 9:50 PM

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