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>hellos… quite pissed off. really. why shud i have someone like her TORTURE me?! oh i miss my mommy… i really wonder how mom could tolerate her… argh! but, seriously, i dont care anymore. it’s her life anyway. i dont want those stupid things to spoil my whole day. so it’s just up to her. who cares? oh yeah that taiwan actress pretty pretty one just passed away on 28th jan… sigh. ytd just reached school then heard huiting shouting ” heyys xu weilun died ytd!” walao spoiled my whole mood! but it’s ok la. im glad she told me LOL then i went to the internet to check up abt the accident (haha forever so kaypo… that’s me!) oh i really pity her alot. it’s like, such a waste. she so wonderful. sigh… but nevertheless life must go on. yeps. cherish our lives. that’s wat i learnt. u never know when u’ll die… (the next minute? oppps sry… no offence.) haha oh i’ve went to the museum last wed and mandy took some pics. (some. really pathetic. 4 pathetic pics. )

before leaving…still waiting for that stupid bus to come…

at the museum… took a shot wit our nice nice pretty pretty guide! miss peggy! yea!

back in school… a grp shot… well kinda…LOL

credits to Mandy for bringing her camera! =)


Written by GekTeng

January 30, 2007 at 8:43 PM

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