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>yahoo!!! cherie complain i never uodate blog lerx… =P so now really must at least postr sth nia~ lucky have things to post… td choir very fun lor… but got scolded… dunno is me or who but i think it’s me… then that miss choo thought i dunno how to sing lor! so pissed off… i must prove to her someday that I CAN SING! ARGH!!! so angry!! then still have to practise the stupid SYF piece… they gave me 1 wk to practise da accompaniment lors. durh… now look into the score i so stressed… IT’S SO DIFFICULT!!! i think hahs, 1 wk confirm cannot derx… die liao loh… tmr must ask piano cher teach me lerx… or else confirm die… then me yo and cherie go eat lor. so stupid la the vehetarian derx… i anyhow call the things one add up oso can $3 so much. humph/ then go make neoprint! so fun lor. now bankrupt liaos… but it’s worth it… WORTH IT!

this one so funny lor… haven even prepare then wan to shoot liaos… but quite ok lah… can cheer me up when i moody… whahaha!! cos everytym see this pic will surely laugh! LOL

haha! then this pic i oso anyhow pose derx… cos oso no time liaos… but yo say this one she like cos very natural… LOL now see i wonder why must open the hand and my mouth until so big… LOL

this one very funny…. we dunno why hide behind the dunno what chair or sth liddat then when editting dunno how to make it go away or sth liddat… sigh… but i think still ok lah… looks wierd hor LOL

this pic is one of muhh favourites… haha

LOL this one i oso like lah…. just that the machine make the eye effect thing then make until muhh eye so scary… like appear eye liner liddat… whahaha!

whee!!! i simply lurve this one! me and yohannis actually FIT in the small space and appeared on the correct space! LOL


Written by GekTeng

November 24, 2006 at 9:53 PM

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