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>I WAN GO GCMA!!! SO ENVIOUS LOR! now listening to the 933 the live at gcma… now 1st award liaos… so excited seh… I WAN YANZI to win the award!!! i vote until so tired lor! weilian next time ba… let yanzi win make me happy happy 1st… whahaha!!! better let yanzi win… sigh… ltr i oso will post the results… LOL in my blog lah… sigh cannot go wit the FC members… so stupid lor. i know laobu confirm no let de, so oso no bother to ask. whahaha… now they still crapping… so must wait… wondering how long this post will be? i really wan to go there!!! ^*^&^$^$*&(&% now is the beijing one. eyyer the presenter no say anythink de… no suspense de… (no offence)just say who win the award so bluntly… well the winner is shui mu nian hua~ dunno who the heck is that. now is guang dong~ oso no suspense de… winner is the dunno what zhu bi chang or sth liddat… now xiang gang is…. andy lau! but they all tok tok very soft cannot even hear… sigh when is sg coming out? i think the last la… now is the hu yan bing take the dunno which award… dunno from what area de… LOL din listen. god bless~ please… yanzi MUST win!!! taiwan is… JOLIN!!! yea!!! my sis must be so happy! whahaha! but she din come… awww so sad… nvm la… yanzi got come can liaos… con firm come now sitting there waiting for take the award… the malaysia one is caoge. that one i thin most of them know one lor. that one i long long ago know liaos… i think now is sg liao… yes!!! yanzi please… win win!!! teah!!! yanzi win liaos!!! my hand trembling now seh… I WAN GO WATCH!!! WAAKAO!!! I WAN GO!!! YEAH!!! SO HAPPY SO HAPPY!!! SHE WILL GET ALOT AWARD ONE!~~~~ I LURVE IT!!! YAHOO!!! SHE WIN SHE WIN!!! WEILIAN THANK YOU VERY MUCH… YANZI MUACKKS!!! U WIN U WIN!!! YAYS~~~ KKIES BB NOW MUST GO WATCH I NOT STUPID TOO LIAO… GOT THE HANDSOME BOYS… WHAHAHA!!!


Written by GekTeng

October 29, 2006 at 11:55 AM

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