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>heyyox\ laobu finally allowed me to go watch movie lerx… but a different movie as what we had planned earlier… cos death note too late , have no time to rush back home to go for theory extra class so go watch silk at 3.10pm lor. quite nice watch lar. quite touuching in the end… haha. stupid mason go pat my shoulders make me so scared. then still got mel and mason put their face close close to shuhui then make her scared until cry. DURH. but we make mason buy chocolate for us eat to pay back for our “loss” haha. da S so fast oready die liao… da boy ghost quite cute except her no have eyeball which is quite scary… lols. the mother scary lor. like da ju-on ghost liddat. the funnniest is the boy go eat the dunno what beef noodles then eat finish liao got one hand which is the mother’s go pull him and strangle him or sth liddat make him die… so funny, the noodle boss see liao not scared still say: jia mi an zua oi jia si lang~ (eat noodles how can eat until die~) so funny. shuhui swore that she’s not eating noodle from that day onwards. haha/ then have to rush back home from cwp lor. so rushing. sigh ok lar, sleep liaos. nites


Written by GekTeng

October 26, 2006 at 5:27 PM

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