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>td is a shittingly lousy day. mom lost her temper, shouts, screams. bleah. make until me gong gong then forget what she says liao. i really in a bad bad mood. cos of qiqi lar. oways make nothing but trouble. make lao bu angry then i oso push into the water. sigh… so in a bad mood now./ nothing could be done good when im in a bad mood lor. make until mama so angry. all da things i do wrongly derx. school uni go wash, dunno tmr wear what. miracle always happens… haha. tmr taking out the stupid ugly earring liaos. cant wait to put nice nice earrings! tmr watching death note. dunno what time yet lar. i no wan go home so early see my sulking marmar face. make my whole mood go down to -1 liaos. BLEAH. tmr will be a better day:)


Written by GekTeng

October 25, 2006 at 10:09 PM

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